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Albums in Stores – Jul. 15th, 2021

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 15, 2021.

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  2. Clairo
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  3. reachingfor

    Regular Supporter

    Underoath single on repeat
  4. helloiamzach Jul 15, 2021
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    A Night In Texas (Double album) // Deathcore
    A Place To Bury Strangers
    Bulb (Misha Mansoor of Periphery) // Instrumental prog
    Cognitive // Progressive metal
    Dim // Alt Rock
    Kahlla // Pop
    KSI // Pop
    Ophidian I // Metal
    Pizzagirl // Pop Rock
    Powerwolf // Metal
    Times Of Grace (Killswitch Engage side-project) // Metal
    Willow // Pop Punk/Indie
    Wizardthrone // Metal
    Yonaka // Alt Rock/Grunge

    Andrew W.K. // Rock
    Attack Attack! // Electronicore/EDM
    Black Coast // Metalcore
    Born Without Bones
    The Bottom Line // Pop-Punk
    The Breathing Process // Metal
    Calling All Captains // Pop-Rock/Emo
    Capstan // Pop-Punk/Post-Hardcore
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! // Easycore
    CHVRCHES // Pop
    Clutch // Rock
    Conquer Divide (feat. Kellin Quinn) // Post-Hardcore
    Crystal Lake (Two songs) // Metalcore
    Eli Hurts // Alt Rock
    Fame On Fire (Lil Nas X cover) // Post-Hardcore
    Insurgent // Metal
    Iron Maiden // Metal
    Kat Von D // Pop/Synthpop
    Lingua Ignota
    Memphis May Fire // Metalcore
    Miss Vincent // Pop-Rock/Pop-Rock
    NOAHFINNCE // Emo Rap
    Novelists FR // Metalcore/Djent
    Pengshui // Rock/Rap
    Sabaton // Metal
    sadeyes // Emo Rap/Pop
    Seether // Alt Rock/Grunge
    Slaughter To Prevail // Deathcore
    Spanish Love Songs // Pop-Punk/Emo
    Sugar Horse // Alt Rock/Prog Rock
    Summer Years
    Tennis System
    Underoath // Post-Hardcore
    We Came As Romans // Metalcore
    The Wildhearts // Rock
    Witch Fever // Grunge/Rock
    Wormwood // Metal
    Written By Wolves (feat. Trenton Woodley) // Alt Rock/Post-Hardcore
    XL Life (ex-Astroid Boys)
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  5. slickdtc Jul 16, 2021
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    Regular Supporter

    Citizen EP (alternate versions) - indie pop/Emo
    Boys Night Out (demos and re-releases of first two EP) - emo
    Katastro - pop rock/indie
    AnimalJam EP (instrumental) - post hardcore in style of DGD
    Dead Friends EP - rock/melodic hardcore in style of ETID
    Fox Lake EP - nu-metal/post hardcore
    FELICITY - pop punk
    Bulb - instrumental prog rock
    Dim - emo/indie rock

    Capstan with Saxl Rose - pop punk
    Dragged Under (live) - heavier pop punk in style of old Sum 41
    Tycho with Ben Gibbard - indie pop
    Brooklane - pop punk
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - easycore
    Spanish Love Songs (double) - punk rock/emo
    Novelists FR - post hardcore
    Calling All Captains - pop punk
    As December Falls - female-fronted pop punk
    No Home / Ghost Chant split - melodic hardcore
    Lakes - emo/indie
    Foxera - rock/pop punk
    Halogens - emo rock in style of The Front Bottoms
    City State - metalcore
    Spirit Breaker - metalcore/hardcore
    Rich People - emo/indie pop, their newest singles have been the best I’ve heard out of this band as they skew indie poppier. Finally hitting their best notes on a regular basis.

  6. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter

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  7. japankyku


    John Mayer, Charli Adams, Clairo, and Gang of Youths for me!
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  8. SEANoftheDEAD


    Checking out Mayer, Wavves, and Clairo.

    Walk the Moon released 3 new songs on Wednesday; still jamming them haaaard.
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  9. Orla

    right on! Prestigious

    Today’s all about the new Clairo record for me.
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  10. Amanda A. Jul 16, 2021
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    Amanda A.

    Los Angeles Supporter

    Clairo - Sling
    John Mayer - Sob Rock
    Gang Of Youths - total serene EP
    Phabo - Soulquarius (r&b)
    Silvertwin - Self Titled (60s/70s vibe. they’ve said they were inspired by Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, the Beatles, etc)
    Tin Can Collective - Axiomatic Alarm Clock (Indie/emo)
    Wavves - Hideaway
    WILLOW - Lately I Feel Everything

    Singles: Syd, Durand Jones & The Indications, Ben Gibbard & Tycho, Wye Oak, Bad Bad Hats, Alien Boy, Big D & The Kids Table, Hovvdy, Pet Symmetry, King Woman, Underoath, turnstile ft. blood orange, Spanish love songs, peach tree rascals, badbadnotgood, soccer mommy, foxing, still woozy, tennis system
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  11. Craig Manning Jul 16, 2021
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    Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    John Mayer record is a lot of fun. Also looking forward to Gang of Youths and Charlie Worsham.

    And I've gotta recommend the new one from John R. Miller. If you like Ruston Kelly, Isbell, Stapleton, etc., you'll probably dig this.

  12. theredline Jul 16, 2021
    (Last edited: Jul 18, 2021)

    Regular Supporter

    August Burns Red and Fit For A King colab EP

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  13. theasteriskera

    Regular Supporter

    I've been doing merch for Halogens for a while, thanks for sharing! I think a lot of people on this site will be into them, this single is so good. First full length is coming soon!
  14. theasteriskera

    Regular Supporter

    Singles: Capstan, Underoath, Chelsea Cutler, Halogens, LANY, Mansions, CHVRCHES, Soccer Mommy, Alessia Cara, Dan + Shay, Conan Gray, Trippie Redd ft Lil Uzi Vert, Shakira, Iron Maiden, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk, Brooklane, Rich People, Attack Attack, Born Without Bones, Walk The Moon, We Came As Romans

    Barenaked Ladies
    John Mayer
    A Story Told
    Tin Can Collective
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  15. slickdtc

    Regular Supporter

    Very cool! They’re small right now but they’re good. I don’t know if my RIYL of The Front Bottoms is totally on, but I think it points those who don’t know in the general direction.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for the LP...

    Good look on A Story Told release. I’ve listened to them but wasn’t following on Spotify. Not often does a band from West Virginia hit your ears!
  16. theasteriskera

    Regular Supporter

    RIYL's are always tough, but I think The Front Bottoms is definitely a good frame of reference. They won't complain about it either haha

    I love A Story Told so much, they're so good
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  17. swboyd

    ancient chivalry is doomed Prestigious

    Times of Grace
    Spanish Love Songs single
    Hell Strike
    Space Chaser
    Final Gasp
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  18. m9tt

    heaven knows what i am

    A Story Told
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  19. paythetab

    Chorus.FM Album Reviewer (Adam Grundy) Supporter

    I’ll have the review of A Story Told ready by Monday!
  20. noKings


    I'm into Willow
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  21. jakeryandesigns


    Man outside of Lucy Dacus this has been a slooowwww month for new releases.
  22. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    YONAKA mixtape is awesome (their Spotify page says Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Royal Blood, and I like that RIYL)

    Tones & I
    John Mayer
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  23. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

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  24. Bobby


    Midwife - Luminol
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  25. crunchprank Prestigious

    Always coming through with the solid recommendations. Loving this band. Going through their discography now while I work. Thanks!
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