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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by BTDandFeelingThis, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Album No. 7:

    Rolo Tomassi.jpg

    Rolo Tomassi: Time Will Die Will Die and Love Will Bury It

    What if I told you there was a band who blended CHVRCHES, black metal and the chaotic sounds like that of Dillinger Escape Plan? Most wouldn't believe it to be true or that it could even work but let me tell you that Rolo Tomassi pull it off beautifully. Their secret weapon is in that of front woman Eva Spence. She can shift seamlessly between soaring melodies to gut wrenching guttural screams that would make even the most seasoned black metal vocalists drop their jaw. The album is truly a sheep in wolves clothing because the opening track, Aftermath is this beautiful synth laden track, and it's closing it just erupts into darkness and doesn't stop until the final track, Risen. I can see this record on a lot of EOTY lists because of how diverse and well written it is and I know a lot of publications have it on their list as one of the best of the year as well.

    I would also like to take a second to give a shout out to Holy Roar Records for being my label of the year and putting out some of my favorite releases this year. Please go check out their roster if you haven't yet!

    Black Metal
    Dillinger Escape Plan
    Synth Pop

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    My album of the year and a truly remarkable piece of music, it's the only album on my AOTY list that's not moved from its position all year round. I'm really going to have to try and catch them on their next uk tour (which I hope will be early next year).

    I also echo your Holy Roar sentiments, off the top of my head they've realesed great albums by Rolo, Møl, Conjurer, Svalbard, Pijn and Boss Keloid.

    It's also somehow still number 2 on Metacritics albums of 2018 which for an album like that I find insane (number 1 on the list is worth a listen btw, it's a good soulful hip-hop album).

    Best Music and Albums for 2018
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    I know! I am truly amazed that Rolo Tomassi and Architects are slightly above a giant like the 1975.
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    This music video is NICE

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  7. Davjs


    "blended CHVRCHES, black metal and the chaotic sounds like that of Dillinger Escape Plan?"

    Sounds intense. I'll have to remember to give them a listen......but after more Even the Trees.
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    It is but it’s very good. (Both albums)
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  10. Nate_Johnson Dec 8, 2018
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    Album No. 8:

    Sylar .png

    Sylar: Seasons

    This album may come as a surprise to many and doesn't exactly fit the rest of my list but for some reason I really enjoy it and appreciate what they are trying to do: Not reinvent the wheel. To those unfamiliar, Sylar are a nu metal band and this is their third studio album and first for Hopeless Records. To put it simply: they play a blend of music that mixes P.O.D. with that of artists such as Hollywood Undead, Issues and Too Close to Touch. I normally would never even really give artists like this a listen but the singles interested me and the overall album is really catchy and upbeat. I think the reason the album works is the dynamic between front man (rapper) Jayden Panesso and guitarist and clean vocalist Miguel Cardona. They work really well off of each other and even though Jayden may not be the best lyricist, it works as a nice alternative to screaming at you like most metalcore acts.

    The band is very open about their embracing nu metal and are happy playing music they enjoy. Yes, a couple of the songs do border on "meh" but for the most part its a great album you can pop on and bounce around the room to!

    Nu Metal
    Hollywood Undead

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    @Kennedy ’s favorite band
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    I’ll probably listen to Sylar soon when I lose a bet
  15. bachna84

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    i probably shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but...

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    I mean I don’t exactly listen to them but if I followed tht Logic I wouldn’t be a huge fan of Starset based on their outfits
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    If anyone wants some quirky emo tinged indie-rock from the UK check this band out. I heard the album the other day and was pleasantly surprised by it. They remind a fair bit of Johnny Foreigner (who I love).

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    I know these guys were kinda popular in our trading days

  19. ugman_2000 Dec 8, 2018
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    That’s awesome. I really enjoyed that Fluorescent Youth album of theirs you gave me.
  20. skurt

    Will I even have the strength to do anything?

    Drunk am i, pumpkin pie!
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  21. Nate_Johnson Dec 9, 2018
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    Album No. 9:

    Foxing .png

    Foxing: Nearer My God

    This album needs no introduction as it has been praised very highly here and many other publications as well. It sees the band once again reinventing themselves and the album is so dense and richly layered it takes multiple listens with a good pair of headphones to truly appreciate how great it is. On that note, I will admit that the album did not sit well with me on my first few listens but when it finally clicks it is truly amazing. I listen to this album at least once a week and I hope this is the album that launches the band into the next level of their career.

  22. Bad Frequencies

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    You have made @teebs41 cry tears of happiness
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  23. ugman_2000

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    We’ve now had my 1 & 2 AOTY in Nates write ups. That Foxing album is something special and definitely the best album from the chorus scene this year. I’ll also echo Nate on it taking a little while to click with me but my god when it did, it really did, what an album.
  24. Davjs


    I gave these guys a chance since I love P.O.D. (their last album this month was their first I didn't really care for though) and like a fair amount of Hollywood Undead, but they didn't click with me. This style of music will always get me interested though, I got a huge soft spot.
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  25. Bad Frequencies Dec 10, 2018
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    Bad Frequencies

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    Gonna up my list to a top 40 and including notable EPs/Deluxes/Oddities, because this year has been too good

    1. Andrew McMahon- Upside Down Flowers
    2. Hawthorne Heights- Bad Frequencies
    3. Alkaline Trio- Is This Thing Cursed?
    4. Coheed And Cambria- The Unheavenly Creatures
    5. Senses Fail- If There Is Light, It Will Find You
    6. Trash Boat- Crown Shyness
    7. The Sonder Bombs- Modern Female Rockstar
    8. John Nolan- Abendigo
    9. Thrice- Palms
    10. Light Years- Afterlife

    Honorable mentions (11-40)

    11. All Get Out- No Bouquet
    12. Beartooth- Disease
    13. Real Friends- Composure
    14. mewithoutyou- [untitled]
    15. Out Of Service- Morning
    16. Mike Shinoda- Post Traumatic
    17. Mitski- Be The Cowboy
    18. Sevendust- All I See Is War
    19. Trophy Eyes- The American Dream
    20. Even The Trees- If Only Every Day Could Be Like This
    21. Basement- Beside Myself
    22. Cecil Frena- The Gridlock
    23. Underoath- Erase Me
    24. Carb On Carb- For Ages
    25. Tiny Moving Parts- Swell
    26. Toy Cars- Paint Brain
    27. Stand Atlantic- Skinny Dipping
    28. Ogikubo Station- We Can Pretend Like
    29. Pianos Becomes The Teeth- Wait For Love
    30. Boston Manor- Welcome To The Neighbourhood
    31. Spanish Love Songs- Schmultz
    32. Black Foxxes- Reioi
    33. Architects- Holy Hell
    34. Hopesfall- Arbiter
    35. Foxing- Nearer My God
    36. Emery- Eve
    37. Brian Fallon- Sleepwalkers
    38. The Creeps- Beneath The Pines
    39. Colour & Shade- Colour & Shade
    40. Emecia- Familiar Spirits

    EPs, Deluxes & Oddities

    1. boygenius- boygenius
    2. Harsh Lights- Overthinking
    3. William Ryan Key- Thirteen
    4. AFI- The Missing Man
    5. Silverstein- The Afterglow/Aquamarine Acoustic
    6. Jimmy Eat World- Love Never/ Half Heart
    7. William Ryan Key- Virtue
    8. Starset- Vessels 2.0
    9. New Found Glory- Makes Me Sick Again
    10. Bayside- Acoustic Volume 2