Weekly Poll: Favorite Taylor Swift Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Henry, Aug 13, 2019.


The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

  1. Taylor Swift

    0 vote(s)
  2. Fearless

    3 vote(s)
  3. Speak Now

    6 vote(s)
  4. Red

    51 vote(s)
  5. 1989

    40 vote(s)
  6. Reputation

    4 vote(s)
  1. I fucked up and forgot to make a thread on Friday. Might just do two this week.

    Anyway, new album next week, so let's do it.

    Rank em, tell us why, or just pick one.

    Link to all of the other polls here. You can leave suggestions for new polls there or here. Whatevs.
  2. SpyKi

    This Charming Man Supporter

    My favourite songs are on Red and Speak Now but I think as an album I have to go with 1989.
  3. unbornwhiskey


    red no contest
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  4. I only really have any attachment to 1989. Style is the song that really turned me around on her.
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  5. a lack of color



    Now which one is her BEST is a different story
  6. Aregala

    Blistering Guitar Lead

    My vote goes to the one with "State of Grace," "Treacherous," and "All Too Well"
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  7. Garrett L.

    Moderator Moderator

    Red. Though everything Speak Now forward is an instant classic.
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  8. ChiliTacos

    bud's beards Prestigious

    Hi I'm the weird one who didn't really get into Taylor until Reputation so that is my favorite.
  9. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Red is maybe the best album of the decade, let alone her best.

    After that, I probably go Speak Now, 1989, Fearless, self-titled, Reputation.
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  10. bradsonemanband

    Trusted Supporter

    Red, forever.
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  11. Anna Acosta

    Listen to Staircase Spirits. Moderator

    Can't believe someone is going to ask me to rank my children. Alas, I will try.

    Red>1989>Fearless>Reputation>Speak Now>Taylor Swift

    However, this ranking means very little since if you asked me to rank every Taylor Swift song the top 10 would feature tracks from each album and I celebrate her entire catalog.
  12. Omni

    I'm a reasonable man, get off my case Supporter

    I gotta go with 1989. It's one of the best pop albums of the 2010s imo.
  13. Garrett L.

    Moderator Moderator

    If we’re ranking all of them, I think I’ve landed here:

    Red > reputation > Speak Now = 1989 > self-titled > Fearless

    But every album but Fearless is represented in my top ten Taylor songs.
  14. a lack of color


    Self-titled over Fearless???????????
  15. I never expected that this thread would have so many votes already lol
  16. Garrett L.

    Moderator Moderator

    I have a lot of feelings about Tim McGraw that boost that record very high
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  17. JamesMichael

    Web, Designer & Marketer Prestigious

    Red and Speak Now are my favourites for sure. Love Sparks Fly, Haunted, Back To December, State Of Grace, Red etc.
  18. unbornwhiskey


    absolutely fair
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  19. zmtr

    so what if i lose? i'm satisfied Supporter

    Red by a large margin for me. Can't even really make it through the others but it's been awhile since I've tried.
  20. skoopy


    Red by a substantial margin. I wish to a degree that she had built upon the best of that album but nonetheless she doesn't have a dud in her catalog.
  21. Orla

    right on!

    Speak Now, hands down. Followed closely by a tie between 1989 & Fearless, with the rest far behind.
  22. With Red being the most consistent for me I'll go with that.

    Red > 1989 > Reputation > Speak Now > Fearless > Taylor Swift
  23. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Red is a masterpiece. Speak Now has consistency issues and is a tad overlong, but the best songs really elevate it. 1989 is just about a perfect pop album, with more depth than a lot of people give it credit for. Fearless is solid all the way through but doesn't have as many absolute home runs for me. Taylor Swift is about half great and half unexceptional, but I like it more as time goes on and she moves further from her country roots. Reputation has the most skips, and I've got complicated feelings about it because I don't like the direction it took her sound overall, but it definitely finds its way in the back half.

    I really hope I like Lover more than I like Reputation. I never fell in love with that album the way I did with the three that came before it, and I'd like to have that again.
  24. Tim

    behold the gates of mercy in arbitrary space Prestigious

    Red, followed by either Fearless or 1989.

    Honorable mention to the underrated self titled, which I like more than Speak Now & possibly Reputation. "Cold as You" rules.
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  25. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Red then 1989
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