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Track List: June – The Sounds Of Summer

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    Welcome back to Track List, your monthly dose of 30 songs aimed to match the time of year, sequenced into a playlist for you to vibe out to however you see fit. Hopefully some names will be familiar, and hopefully some will give you a new discography to dive into. Drop me a line with some of your seasonal favorites and check back every month for a new playlist.

    You can find the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music and read more about the selections below.

    The Sounds Of Summer

    For most of us, summers in youth were equated to freedom — a break from the routine of school and a chance to seek out adventure. And as much as the bludgeoning heat fails to mix with aging (happy solstice, by the way), a part of that sensation has stuck around with me as I’ve gotten older. At 29, my summers are primarily spent on the inside of my office windows instead of getting stoned in Zack’s pool or spontaneously road tripping to the beach — but those years spent with loosened shackles have inevitably left their mark on our hottest months well into adulthood. And what better way to revisit that feeling than to pair it with the same type of loud, danceable music that soundtracked it to begin with? I’m telling you, something about this time of year just begs for that body-moving energy in my music. This playlist is built to take you from the groove riddled alternative jams of The Maine and Phantom Planet, through the rocking car singalongs of Autopilot Off and Sugarcult, all the way to the washed out indie sounds of DIIV and Tame Impala. Finally, we round things off with a few four-on-the-floor pop songs to hint at the vibes of next month’s playlist. Dig in and embrace the summer.

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