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    1. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor Dec 3, 2016
      Finding that my EOTY lists are always like

      1. Album that actually like changed me
      2-4. Albums that I love pretty much equally but not as much as #1
      5-50. These are all really good and may as well be ranked at random
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    2. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor Sep 14, 2016
      No more burger and fries avatar! I think I switched it to that on AP in 2013? Maybe 2012? Either way, it's a much needed change haha.
    3. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor Aug 2, 2016
      Damn, Anderson .Paak absolutely destroyed it tonight! Possibly the best show I've seen this year.
    4. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor Jul 22, 2016
      Just picked up both Superheaven records, the new Saosin record, and a first pressing of Death Cab's The Photo Album. Not a bad day at the record store!
    5. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor Jul 16, 2016
      Kinda forgot about this thing! Saturday afternoon, checked out the new Relient K album. A lot more digest there than expected. Not a bad thing! Time to crack open a beer or four and listen to the new Periphery record!
    6. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 29, 2016
      Thought I'd have trouble getting even one song on the latest Members Comp, and now thanks to lots of beer and boredom, I suddenly have two submissions haha. Party on, Wayne!
    7. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 17, 2016
      Flirting with some ideas for a cover for the upcoming Members Comp. The theme is summer songs... too many way this can go.
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    8. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 16, 2016
      Lazy Sunday with wine, adult coloring books, and The Last Man On Earth's season finale
    9. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 13, 2016
      Wow, what a day in music. Got a Saosin record, a Chance Mixtape, just got home from The Internet's show and saw that Bayside posted a song from their new record. Feeling overwhelmed!
    10. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 9, 2016
      Just made a last minute decision to drive an hour and a half to see Author play in a different city since the show in mine was cancelled... tomorrow is gonna be a loooooong day
    11. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 9, 2016
      Author show in my city got cancelled last night, bummed. Got The Internet and Vince Staples coming up this week thooooooughhh
    12. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor May 1, 2016
      Just picked up The Lack Long After on a beige variant. Sounds great!
    13. trevorshmevor
      trevorshmevor Apr 28, 2016
      Finally hopped on the Supporter bus... dark mode is doooooope!
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