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    This first impression was originally posted as a live blog for supporters in our forums on July 19th, 2018. First impressions are meant to be quick, fun, initial impressions on an album or release as I listen to it for the first time. It’s a running commentary written while listening to an album — not a review. More like a diary of thoughts. This post has been lightly edited for structure and flow.

    This new album from Thrice is a tricky one to pin down. I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out the best way to put into words what I think about this it and, specifically, what it sounds like. I think going broadly I would describe the album has having a nice groove to it. A groove that reminds me most of Beggars, and one that doesn’t wholly eschew the rock sound they had on their last album, but instead leans into many aspects of that sound in new ways.

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  2. sayitaintjoe


    Beggars is my favorite record of theirs, so, this is encouraging!
  3. Ska Senanake


    I need this album. Right meow.
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  4. benschuyler

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    I can dig.
  5. beachdude

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    Very good write-up Jason! As someone who feels that “Only One” is their favorite Thrice song in a long time, reading that you believe it to be the strongest on the album doesn’t surprise me, and the rest of your track descriptions have me very excited.
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  6. SuNDaYSTaR


    If there's one word I could use to describe Beggars, it would be "groovy". Colour me very excited.
  7. Guilherme Brandao


    My thoughts exactly.

    Only one more week until I watch them live here in Brazil. While I'm excited for the new record, I hope they don't lean that much into it in the setlist.
  8. Bartek T.

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    Beggars is probably my favorite Thrice album, too! That sounds exciting ;u
  9. rxbandit89

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    "First Impression"...heheheheheh
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  10. scottlechowicz

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    I suggest becoming a supporter and then you can read the whole thing.
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  11. scottlechowicz

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    That’s your call. I do recommend it. Some cool stuff in the supporters thread.

    But asking people to post content meant only for supporters isn’t cool. Supporter money is how this website, and Jason, make a living.
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  12. Bold move asking someone to effectively leak how I make a living on my website. Heh.

    I get this sometimes on Twitter too. I dunno, the vast, vast, vast majority of what I write on this website is completely free. Some things I put behind a paywall because this is literally the way I put food on the table right now. If the extra stuff, or one article, aren't worth $3, that's cool, I get it, but I either do this or there's no website. Just the economics of the internet right now.

    Hope all the supporters enjoyed the article though. Felt good to write something a little more long-form about Thrice again.
  13. jonnyredwood

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    Yea, I understand and commend you on your website, JT! As someone who didn't know about this site, and with not much money to spare these days, I was hoping to read it so when I saw it was behind a paywall, I just was hoping to get one freebie. Sorry.
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  14. scottlechowicz

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    There is a lot of good discussion in the regular Thrice - Palms thread if you are looking to talk Thrice.

    You can check it out here: Album - Thrice - Palms (September 14, 2018)

    If you go back and read earlier posts, you might glean some insider info.
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  15. jonnyredwood

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    I was browsing through that and just saw a bunch of complaining about the production or muddiness of the new song? Lol.
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  16. scottlechowicz

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    Opinions can be curious things sometimes haha.

    Browse through and I think you will find a lot of people who really love Thrice. And also a few...well...personalities.

    But hey, that’s the Internet in a nutshell these days.
  17. jonnyredwood

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    OK guys - I just became a supporter. Keep rockin