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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jul 5, 2018.

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    woah i haven't thought about driver friendly in a long time
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    No clue, but I really dig the album. I gotta check their other shit.

    Making it a point to catch up on emo today. Really loving this lovelettertypewriter release you posted. Also wanted to share new Olde Pine.

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    This split deserves more love. Pine has signed to No Sleep records and will release their debut record this year. Stoked for that.

    Write up from bandcamp:

    Cope. Not everyone does it the same way. Not everyone can put the pen to paper, create, sing and repeat every night without losing candor. Every story is unique. Every story is unparalleled. Take This To Heart Records is proud to present four songs from two bands that exude sincerity in the most endearing ways.

    Dead Leaves & PINE have teamed up to put together a mercurial split that penetrates and cuts the skin with both beauty and eloquence. Spinning emotional webs that revolve around heart wrenching retellings of vulnerability, love and death. These songs not only stick to your soul, but also leave an imprint.

    “I started writing ‘Recycled Air’ in February and kind of set it aside until my Dad passed away”, reveals Dead Leaves vocalist/guitarist Elliot Blair. “I picked the song back up and finished it out of anger, frustration and sadness.” Elliot put a lifetime’s worth affection and adoration into two and a half minutes that simply brings the listener closer with every syllable sung.

    PINE vocalist Darlene Deschamps’ delivery is ripe with... volatility as she sings, “Use me… I don’t have another way out” in the split closer Lopri. Her unabashed unapologetic vocals work perfectly diving in and out of pulsing drums and guitars that seem to shift from soothing to angry, as the mood dictates.

    Cleveland, Ohio’s Dead Leaves recently re-released their stellar self-titled EP through Take This To Heart Records that fits in with bands like Brand New and Say Anything. While Ontario, Canada’s PINE comes off the heels of a fantastic self released debut EP entitled “you bury me” that feels right at home with the likes of Field Mouse, Lydia and Balance and Composure.

    On November 6th Take This To Heart Records will release the split between Dead Leaves & PINE on 7”/Digital. In support of the record they will be on the road together across Canada and the USA this November.
    released November 6, 2015

    Art by Imogen Wilson.

    PINE: Produced, engineered, mixed, mastered all by Cory Bergeron at Pebble Studios

    Dead Leaves: Recorded by Mat Kerekes (Citizen)

    @teebs41 check this one out
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    Should be new pine this year I hope
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    Just a single for now. Damn
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    Why didn't anyone tell me that this was released this year? Any time Deer Leap releases anything, it's high-priority emo.

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  10. OotyPa Jan 11, 2019
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    The new Seagulls album I've been hyping for awhile is finally out. It's really fantastic-- delves into indie and shoegaze territory at times. Their first record was like emo-tinged surf-rock, but this is on a whole different level. Super diverse album with horns, distorted guitars, electronics, etc. I finished it once and immediately hit play again. Highly rec'd, y'all.

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    Yo, this is fantastic.
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    Radar State (Jim and Matt from TGUK and Josh from The Anniversary) dropped their debut album today. I was a bit iffy on some of the singles but I’ll give this a listen. Posting as some other folks here may be interested.

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    I didn't know! wow that's awesome. Love this band
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    edit: this is really really good
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    added a pine EP from 2017 to check out along with that split!! Fell way behind in here.
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    Glad people are enjoying Thrown Voice.

    Seagulls bandmate pm’d me thanking for the support. Theyre a real small band so spread the word around. Might make a thread at some point if people are willing to join the convo.
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    I would.
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    I’d join. @teebs41 and I were talking about it in the chat thread.
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