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Teaser Trailer for ‘Dunkirk’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. ncarrab

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    Nolan can do no wrong. My favorite director ever. Can't wait for this.
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  3. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Hells yes!!
  4. Peachfuzz

    I'll be with you the whole way.

    War scenes were filmed close to my hometown. Some friends will appear as soldiers in this! Can't wait.
    PS: the soldier's face expression on the right... :crylaugh:
  5. Rarely is a teaser such a tease.

    And I'm not even a big fan of Nolan! Haha
  6. smoke4thecaper

    out of context reference Supporter

    Nolan takes great advantage of space on the screen, which is something I'm thrilled he does.
  7. Turkeylegz


    All the Youtube comments are about Harry Styles! But I trust Nolan to make sure every tiny detail is perfect. It's just the history buff in me doesn't want to see this movie reduced to Harry Style's role when talked about.
  8. Serh

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    Probably one of the more awaited films for next year
  9. Connor

    we're all a bunch of weirdos on a quest to belong Prestigious

    Maybe Harry Styles will be really good in this? I don't know why people are worried about it
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  10. Turkeylegz


    He may be amazing and I hope he is. I wasn't aware he was even in it until I watched it on Youtube. I guess I am just saying it feels weird that it seems like such a big draw for a movie about Dunkirk is Harry Styles. I totally trust Nolan to have great casting and know he wouldn't put someone in for ticket sales.
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  11. kpatrickwood

    Give what you can.

  12. Buscemi knows best

    You owe me a Sausage McMuffin

    I am very intrigued by this.
  13. mmhmm

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    Heavy emphasis on "teaser"
  14. Eric Wilson

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    Saw this on the big screen in front of Suicide Squad. Going to be epic.
  15. aoftbsten

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    Pumped for this.
  16. benschuyler

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    Fully trust Nolan's casting choices. Stoked for this.
  17. heartbeatsbrain


    After Heath Ledger's Joker, I don't doubt Nolan's casting pics. I remember all the hate that one got before the movie/ trailers were released.
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  18. nl5011

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    Was a little worried to hear nolans next would be a wwii film, but after reading up on what took place at Dunkirk, I'm really excited to see this story told.
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