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Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 23, 2017.

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  2. suppyguppy


    Stoked! Safe to assume 8 will heavily focus on Luke. As good as Rogue One was I'll always be more interested in the Skywalker Saga.
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  3. Davjs Jan 23, 2017
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    Ren has Skywalker in him though. Ray may too, but maybe not.
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  4. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Can't wait for this, a buddy of mine recently told me to check out the Clone Wars tv show, so Im gonna buy my Star Wars time with that.
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  5. suppyguppy


    Clone Wars is great-especially seasons 3-6. I'd recommend checking out Star Wars Rebels as well which is currently running on Disney.
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  6. Luroda

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    Calling it now, Luke is gonna train Rey and become a Jedi. Luke gonna do something heroic and die honorably.
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  7. Eric Wilson

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    Really loving this title. Going to be a long wait until December.
  8. Callum Macleod

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    This isn't related to the film, but I thought it was a cool story to share.

    I received a strange letter in the post yesterday from the U.S addressed to myself and my fiancée (we got engaged just before Christmas), I didn't know what it was and as it had both our names on it, I left it for herself to open when she got home.

    Turns out my brother had reached out to Mark Hamill via his official Facebook page asking him to send us a "congratulations message" on Facebook or Twitter or something along those lines - as he had got to meet him at Star Wars Celebration in July and I was pretty gutted I couldn't justify the cost of the meet and greet session at the time, so I never got the chance while we were there. He's enjoyed teasing me about this for months, as although we are both huge Star Wars fans, I've always been far crazier about it than him.

    He didn't expect that Mark Hamill would actually send us a production print with a personal message congratulating us. It's also one of my favourite Star Wars scenes which neither my brother or Hamill would have known - very cool coincidence. Incredible engagement present!

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  9. Lepi182

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    Was going to start a new start a new thread for Star Wars Celebration (which is this coming Thursday through Sunday) but I figured I didn't have the experience to be allowed to start one. So I figured I would post here.

    There will be a livestream for the big panels of the weekend.

    Lucasfilm has been emphasizing that there will be surprises at the 40th Anniversary panel on Thursday morning.

    Then it can be assumed the first THE LAST JEDI trailer will drop during The Last Jedi panel on Friday morning.

    Saturday has a Star Wars video game panel (Battlefront II and others), along with Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 panel.

    Sunday will have some smaller panels, along with the Closing Ceremony.