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Manchester Orchestra Talk with Uproxx

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Uproxx has a great interview with Manchester Orchestra:

    Never one to wait for experiences that most people put off until well into adulthood, Hull now felt that life was moving too fast even for him.

    “All of a sudden the Foo Fighters were offering us shows that we had to turn down,” Hull says. “It seemed very strange. Very strange.”


    This unity was crucial during the sometimes fraught process of recording of A Black Mile To The Surface. Hull and McDowell were obsessive about capturing the precise sounds they needed, no matter the expense or time involved. After sessions with Marks in Asheville and the band’s home studio, Manchester Orchestra went to LA and consulted with Congleton, who suggested some seemingly minor tweaks that the band nonetheless feels completed the record. For instance, Congleton added a sequencer to the end of “A Maze” that prompted Hull to overdub a chain-gang-style vocal to the show’s climax, giving the track a new sense of uplift. They also solicited some changes from Wilson via email, which Hull believes helped to further flesh out the record’s sonic tapestry.

    For what it’s worth, I think they nailed this sound. A few people got to hear the album yesterday at a listening event and have posted some of their thoughts in the forum as well. They seem to agree.

    It’s easy to pop over for impromptu projects, like recording a cover of the Avett Brothers’ “No Hard Feelings” just for the fun of it. Recording unlikely covers has become a kind of hobby for the band — they’ve done everything from Neil Young’s “Walk On” to No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” to a full-length version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller that the band doesn’t play for me but promises is epic.

    Holy shit I want all of these.

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  2. bmir14

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    Thriller needs to see the light of day
  3. Connor

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    Everything they record needs to see the light of day. I love that they record stuff like that just for fun. Damn I love these guys so much
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  4. atlastitsok


    Would love to just be friends with these guys. Such a cool perspective on life and everything.

    Doesn't hurt they make some kick ass songs too.
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  5. Such an incredible record
  6. AshlandATeam


    It would be difficult for me to have more respect or admiration for a musician than I do Andy Hull. I just cannot friggin wait for July 28.
  7. Crisp X

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    The hype for this record is unreal, I need to hear it
  8. I’m glad Steven mentioned the Silence in his article - it’s a top 5 ManOrch song of all time
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  9. inagreendase


    I could swear the Thriller thing was a running joke they've been telling in interviews for years (including me during the COPE rollout, swearing me to secrecy).
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