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James Gunn Rehired for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Deadline is reporting that James Gunn has been reinstated as director for Guardians of the Galaxy 3:

    Redemption and second chances have long been superhero movie staples, and today it looks like life has imitated art. I’ve learned that Disney has reinstated James Gunn as the writer-director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and I’ve confirmed it with Marvel and Gunn’s camp.

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  2. tomtom94


    Holy shit - I didn't think Disney would actually give in.
  3. oakhurst


  4. BradBradley


    I’m assuming this went something along the lines of the actors stating that they just wouldn’t move forward without him. Dave, in particular, seemed pretty adamant that he wasn’t doing shit without Gunn. I could see that having created a domino effect where eventually someone said “well, if everyone isn’t in, what’s the point?”
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  5. Drew Beringer

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  6. contra11mundum

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    Wonderful news
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  7. .K.

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    I can only imagine it’s purely financially from Disney’s end.
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  8. DandonTRJ

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    I support anything that takes a scalp away from Mike Cernovich.
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  9. AllenRicketts


    This would be great news if we could agree on one set of rules for everybody.
  10. .K.

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    In the history of humanity there has never been one set of rules. Right and wrong gets applied to every situation and even that gets messed up sometimes.
  11. Jonathan

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    Captain Marvel is killing it at the box office. Disney is about to finalize their acquisition of Fox. James Gunn has been re-instated as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol III (and he’s directing a DC film to boot.) Oh yeah, and we’re a month out from Avengers: End Game?

  12. The Black Parade

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  13. Nuance and bad faith gets lost when the alt right idiots get involved and try and weaponize important things for their ridiculousness. It’s not even about “rules” it’s about common sense at that point.
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  14. .K.

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    I am talking about the history of humanity, but I agree alt right people are idiots.
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