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Encore Discussion Podcast

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

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    A place to discuss the encore podcast, post questions for the hosts, and pose future discussion topics.
  2. Episode 113 is now up.
    This week's episode of Encore has us looking at a variety of interesting, and diverse, topics. We talk a little about the next Star Wars being pushed back, a little about Thomas's collection of Funko collectables, and a little about Thomas wanting to buy an iPad Pro. We also discover that Thomas has had the wrong sequencing in his iTunes for Everything in Transit for almost a decade now. He discovers this live on the podcast. We tackle a variety of user questions related to Panic! at the Disco's new album, the TV show "Making a Murderer," and if we prefer soft or energetic album closers. We also talk some more about Brian Fallon and his upcoming album since Thomas caught him live recently. We finish with some Blink-182 talk and discuss the three big tours that got announced this week.

  3. Keagan Ilvonen


    Listening now. Man, these auto embeds are so nice and crisp.
  4. Keagan Ilvonen


    Nice "big tour" drop hahaha.
  5. :crylaugh:

    I was proud of myself for that edit, just saying.
  6. Keagan Ilvonen


    Was well played:ok:, it'll definitely be a big topic next week, also not looking forward to that day in the office :concerned::beer::beer::beer:
  7. Haha.

    Gotta look forward to those big days, the ones with the huge announcements! That's where you earn your keep! It's the doldrum days when you can't announce anything or do anything that are going to suck the most. When there are festival runs that are going on and you're just waiting.

    Also, well played with the icons. Haha. I'm glad someone else is using them besides me! Also, that beer looks good. I think I shall go have one, I'm just about done with the project I was working on here.
  8. Keagan Ilvonen


    Oh, it'll definitely be exciting but being "brand new" on such a big day is going to be a daunting task :eh: and I know, it's going to be rough at first but I'll get the hang of it. I've already heard talks in just the few days haha.

    And the icons are one of the best new features, more people need to start using them! And I'm out of beer and there's only 3 minutes left for me to buy any so I guess I'm SOL tonight.
  9. Haha, that's awesome. Hey, now I got one more insider to sneak me early news. ;-)

    I'm happy for you though man, that's really cool. In the industry, good work, can't ask for much more tbh. Haha, yeah, the icons are great. I'll have to end up adding in some more at some point in the future. There's some hidden ones that don't show up in the little menu, but I should probably add some animated ones and look at what the really popular ones were on and make similar ones in this style.

    Haha. I ran out of beer last Friday at like 1 am and had that "do I see if I have anything that can work as a mixer?" moment. Then I ended up just watching TV in bed instead. Laziness won.
  10. Also, I really like the little tab notification -- that was a great idea @Eric Wilson.
  11. Keagan Ilvonen


    I'm just the latest inside man B-)(an Archer emoji set would be perfect for this situation)

    Thank man, I appreciate it and honestly, I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't for AP, so many thanks is owed to you. I went in for the interview with the mindset I had it locked up because I mean, who else would be more knowledgable about this scene with experience in Maine? (Not being cocky, just really, it's fucking Maine). Finished the interview and got the we'll be in touch, with me leaving like (shit, I figured it would be on the spot), get in my car, drive a mile down the road, phone rings: "Hey, it's Cody, so you've got the job" haha.

    But yes, more emojis are :bomb:

    That's the WORST, especially when you have the weirdest things in the fridge. Although, I will say I've cut back on my beer and switched it up to vodka seltzers and it's actually way more refreshing than I thought it would be. But the TV in bed option is always a good fall back.

    And yes, @Eric Wilson , great idea!
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  12. Eric Wilson

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  13. Once you figure out how it works, it's pretty awesome/easy.
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  14. Thomas Nassiff

    i wrote it down for you Verified

    Here's my first post! #noob

    PS this forum looks mighty fine on a new iPad Pro :eh:
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  15. Eric Wilson

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    The addition of the topics being discussed as the Podcast is playing in Overcast is awesome.
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  16. Thanks!

    Really happy that everyone seems to like that.
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  17. Episode 114:
    This week's episode of Encore looks at quite a bit of the news that broke over the past week. We talk about Kanye West releasing information about what is now Waves, Brand New and Modest Mouse going on a huge tour, Yellowcard's Lights and Sounds turns 10, and Brian Wilson is doing a 50-year tour for Pet Sounds. We also do some follow-up on last week's great "wrong tracklistings" discussion and all sorts of other fun stuff like guessing if Brand New will release an album and what it would sell, plus Thomas's thoughts on Panic's album now he's heard it, and a few brief thoughts on the new 1975 album at the end. You'll find show notes, ways to subscribe, and links to stream and/or downloaded this episode in the replies.

  18. Just kinda started getting into podcasts, Encore included. Figured I'd start at episode 100 since that's "episode 1" of the rebrand. On 102 now, been enjoying it.
  19. Yay!

    Thanks for listening. Good place to start.
  20. Episode 118:
    We start by talking a little about the Academy Awards, do some follow-up on last weeks "best 10 albums of the last 15 years," and then tackle some reader questions. Thomas recounts his history with Set Your Goals, we give some updated thoughts on The Wonder Years' last album, and we look at how we've changed or matured how we handle conversations on the forums. We talk a bit about "where to start" with different forms of art by well known musicians or authors or filmmakers and then get into some of the big news over the last week: Transit have broken up, Yellowcard are back with Hopeless, and The Hotelier have released the track listing and album art for their new album. We end with some talk of Rolling Stone's top 40 emo albums and The 1975 aiming for that number one spot on two charts. And there's the return of the siren. Rejoice
  21. bobby_runs

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    Are we getting one this week?
  22. Not this week, I got really busy with stuff here and didn't have time to put the document together with topics.
  23. contra11mundum

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    I'm assuming there is going to be a whole episode dedicated to the new site at some point?
  24. That's definitely the plan. Maybe multiple. Haha.
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  25. bobby_runs

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    #askencore Would you leave your current job(s) for The Ringer?
    What would you bring to the table?