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DC Animated Universe

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by younglikeme, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. younglikeme Apr 4, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 7, 2016)

    ii // YLM

    As a huge fan of the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I've been going through my DC Universe stuff & I think we can all agree that is where their strength truly lies. While I've loved MoS & BvS (& no one is forgetting TDK trilogy), nothing seems to compare to the greatness that is the DC Animated Universe. At the risk of drawing ire from Marvel fans, I think it's suffice to say if Marvel holds the cinematic crown, DC is the king of the animated arena.

    That being said, let's start a dialogue!

    Last week I started at the beginning... Batman: The Animated Series... I plan to marathon that through (including The New Batman Adventures) & go on to Superman: The Animated Series, which I thought was criminally underrated, followed by the Justice League (including Justice League Unlimited) & probably the more recent Green Lantern: The Animated Series (I was beyond devastated when this wasn't renewed for a second season...) I'm still not sure if I'll go into the Batman Beyond, Static Shock, or the Zeta Project series but if anyone's seen them, let me know if I should!

    ...& this is all without including DC animated films which are:

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm*
    Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero*
    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker*
    Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman*
    The Batman vs. Dracula*
    Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo*
    Superman: Brainiac Attacks*
    Superman: Doomsday*
    Justice League: The New Frontier*
    Batman: Gotham Knight*
    Wonder Woman*
    Green Lantern: First Flight*
    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies*
    Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths*
    Batman: Under the Red Hood*
    Superman/Batman: Apocalypse*
    All-Star Superman*
    Green Lantern: Emerald Knights*
    Batman: Year One*
    Justice League: Doom*
    Superman vs. The Elite*
    The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1*
    The Dark Knight Returns – Part 2*
    Superman: Unbound*
    Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox*
    JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time*
    Justice League: War*
    Son of Batman*
    Batman: Assault on Arkham
    Justice League: Throne of Atlantis*
    Batman vs. Robin*
    Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts*
    Justice League: Gods and Monsters*
    Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem*
    Batman: Bad Blood*
    Justice League vs. Teen Titans*


    Batman: The Killing Joke (12 minute preview just released, watch here)

    Bold =streamable (at this time, on HBO or Netflix)
    * = digital rental or purchase available

    If I've missed any, please let me know! I've seen many of these but scattered & not even close to them all in a close period of time. I thought the Dark Knight Returns was done incredibly well & the Son of Batman trilogy just got another amazing release in Batman: Bad Blood. Is anything as good as Mask of the Phantasm though?!?

    Discuss! I'll be popping in as I keep going on my animated series plow-through... next up, Two-Face; Part 1, one of my all time favorites...
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  2. I really need to do a TAS rewatch soon. Next up on my movie list is Justice League vs. Teen Titans.
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  3. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    I've read some very, very promising things about the Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I always love when Robin gets portrayed as equally capable as the other heroes, which is probably why I'm so excited to watch Bad Blood too because I've really enjoyed this Son of Batman arc. If you haven't checked those out, you may enjoy them.

    Oh & speaking of TAS, have you seen the vinyl box set? My brother & I have to split ownership of one because they ran out & wouldn't let us order 2 haha but so worth it, the artwork is incredible & it reminds you that the score played such an enormous role in how enamored you were with each episode.
  4. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    JL v TT was good.
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  5. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    I plan to do a rewatch of B:TAS when my son gets a bit older since it's on Amazon Prime Video. Excited for JL vs TT, still haven't watched Bad Blood but I own it and buy all of the animated ones when they come out
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  6. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    Nice! Did you watch Son of Batman or Batman vs. Robin? Just cause those come before Bad Blood.

    Also, is anyone into Green Lantern stuff? I loved the Animated Series but never saw any of the movies, was looking maybe for a recommendation on where to start?
  7. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    Own both and finally got around to watching them, don't really remember much about them really though so I'll probably watch them again soon.

    don't know if i've seen any of the GL movies, sorry.
  8. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    No worries! & definitely pop back in to discuss when you do 'cause I'm going to be attempting the same this week.
  9. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    Thanks for the list. I am going to hunt these down.
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  10. Yeah, I've definitely enjoyed those last Batman films. I think Bad Blood was my favorite of the more recent ones as well. So you'll probably love it.

    Hah, I've wanted that but never had the budget to make the pull.
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  11. Meerkat

    human junk drawer Prestigious

    I got pretty bored with Bad Blood but want to try it again. I was also really put off by the sexualization of Talia in Son Of Batman. It pulled me right out of the storyline and made me incredibly uncomfortable
  12. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Enjoying Flashpoint Paradox thus far.
  13. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    Are any of these streamable? I have Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. Would updating the first page list with where to find streams be a good idea, and something the OP would like to do?

    I know Batman: Under the Red Hood and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns: Part I & II are all on HBO Now.
  14. T.J.

    music and baseball.

    Is that 12 minute preview for The Killing Joke going to be in the movie, or is it just a teaser? I am eager to watch it, but I don't want to if its a scene from the movie. I'd rather save it, if that's the case.
  15. Colby Searcy

    Is admired for his impeccable (food) tastes Prestigious

    It's more like documentary style with clips that are in the movie.
  16. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    I'm so glad someone else brought this up! While I loved Son of Batman & am pretty much an apologist for all the gross female representation which is near ubiquitous in the comic world, this pushed even me to the brink. I think I was able to get past it only because of the overall strength of the rest of it but I can totally see how it pulled you out in those parts.

    I'm more than happy to investigate that & update the list; great idea too! I'll do some of it this morning too so check back later today & there'll be updates to it.

    REEEEALLY? Funny you mention that cause I just read an article about how there's some connection between that & the crazy dream sequence that Batman has in BvS... any truth to this without spoiling it for us? haha I may have to bump that up in my watch order now.
  17. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    On a Superman TAS binge.
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  18. heartbeatsbrain


    I just finished re-watching Young Justice. I'm still sore about the way they ended the show. Wish they would give the fans at least a movie or another season to tie up the loose ends.
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  19. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    Blame Cartoon Network.
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  20. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    I think it is very likely Netflix picks it up. I'm just about to finish season 1. Love it.
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  21. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    I seriously couldn't agree more. Young Justice & Green Lantern TAS going off the air was a pretty low-point in my DC fandom, at a time when Marvel was hitting it's stride in theaters... rough summer for sure haha

    Well, them & the WB. Like, you're going to can the animated Green Lantern because the movie did badly? the fuck? That made me so angry.

    From your mouth to god's ears -- Netflix Is Currently Reviewing YOUNG JUSTICE Stats for a Potential Season 3!
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  22. Evolution Kid

    I may be going broke, but I'm never broken down. Prestigious

    Just finished watching that. Was much darker than I expected haha. Hadn't really ever watched any of the animated DC movies aside from a few of the Batman ones until now. Been checking out what's available on Netflix.
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  23. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    The time jump in Young Justice threw me off. Gonna give it some time before I jump back in .
  24. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    That's the thing with DC & why I felt a lot of the BvS criticism is unwarranted... almost EVERYTHING they do is ridiculously dark, regardless of the medium & I think sticking with that is their best bet.

    Also, I'm trying to update the list now to include what's available where so check back!
  25. younglikeme

    ii // YLM

    If you push yourself for like 2 more episodes, it resolves in a really awesome way (imo), but I totally hear you.