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After the Party (Encore Episode 142) Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 3, 2017.

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    On this week’s episode of Encore I am joined once again by special guest Thomas Nassiff. Thomas returns for a deep dive on the new album, After the Party, by The Menzingers. We talk about the band in general, their catalog, and what they mean to us. Then we go through the album and talk about our favorite songs and how we think this album may just be something “special” for the music scene. We end with some chatter about the latest Japandroids’ release, and do a little bit of catching up as well.


    Show Notes


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  2. MattNCheeze


    Good to hear Thomas again!

    I'm about halfway through right now, so I'll comment again after I listen to the episode in full.

    Completely agree on this being considered a "classic". Interesting people have a hard time differentiant between Greg and Tom. Timbre wise, maybeeeee, but Greg puts some hardcore vibrato when he holds out phrases (you hear it prominently on Lookers) whereas Tom sings to me sings like a drunken Irishman.
  3. MexicanGuitars

    Chorus’ Expert on OTIP Track #8 Supporter

    Very excited to listen. I don't think I've ever listened to a deep dive album discussion on the podcast before. On my 2nd listen of ATP now.

    Also congrats to now occasional co-host @Thomas Nassiff on his engagement!
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  4. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    What were the songs with the parentheses? Was that an early stream tracklisting thing? Cause my version on Apple Music don't have the parentheses
  5. CMilliken


    What an incredible album. So relatable as I'm in my late 20s. After The Party is going to get some major spin time. Great from start to finish.

    I also enjoy Rented World more than most. Great album as well.
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  6. LiveFast_DieOld


    So I'm a Menzingers noob, haven't really given much (enough) time - I like "Good Things" and "I don't wanna be an asshole anymore" but never really dug into either album. After the first spin of After the Party I thought it was a good rock album, and it's definitely growing on me the more I listen to it.

    I wanted to comment on the "why aren't the menzingers bigger?" question. I've meant to bring this up for a podcast question before but forgot until listening - does a bands name (whether it's consciously or subconsciously) keep people away or disinterested?

    I feel like for whatever reason when I'm trying to find new music or new bands, I passover "The ______" bands a lot, so when "The Menzingers" comes up, I go "oh another "The" band and wtf is a Menzinger. Next. Anyone have a thought on that?

    Tldr: unfairly passed over the menzingers cuz their name didn't stick with me - re-listening and they are good. Sound like a much better version Bayside.
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  7. Steeeve Perry


    These deep dives are the best. I picked up the album from Amoeba when visiting LA the day it dropped even though I didn't have time, forcing my wife and I to sprint back to our hotel where the cab was waiting. It was worth the effort. OTIP is one of my favourite albums ever, climbing each year to the point it is now firmly in my top three modern rock albums. Ironically the other two are The 59 Sound and Separation Sunday, by two bands frequently referenced on this episode. There is a chance After The Party could be every bit as good as OTIP and I really hope it ends up meaning as much to me as that record has.
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  8. kelseyleigh

    Trusted Supporter

    I hadn't heard the album prior to listening to this and after the podcast I knew i had to check it out and was pretty sure I'd like it.

    I just started listening to the album, but I'm already in to it. I can totally understand the nostalgia aspect you discussed.
  9. VanderlyleCrybaby

    Regular Supporter

    I think @Jason Tate brought up one of the songs sounded like Green Day kind of, if I remember correctly. Well, I have had Living aint easy in my head for days now and I think that the melody is reminiscent of "Walking Alone" by Green Day. Also the end of "Boy Blue" sounds kind of like the end of "Letterbomb"...anyway, this album is incredible.
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  10. LiveFast_DieOld


    The Letterbomb little bit is RIGHT on -- I've found myself singing the GD lyrics to the Menzingers song lol.
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  11. timcsheehan


    Good episode. Great album. But, the first mention of "the party" isn't on Charlie's Army, its on Midwestern States with one of my favorite lines of the record

    we'll regret it when we are dead and sober/but we're still breathing and the party ain't over

    Also, solid recommendation of Dave Hause @Jason Tate. Really digging it.
  12. FTank

    Prestigious Prestigious

    Finally getting around to this one. This is probably the most I've ever agreed with both of you haha, as I really love this album.

    I have to disagree a little bit with the part where Thomas says if you like this one you'll likely click with their discography instantly.. for whatever reason, I've thought their other stuff was ok but didn't blow me away, and even after having this album click hard I revisited the old stuff and it still doesn't leave much of an impression on me. I don't really understand why this is the case, tbh - you're right on that they aren't doing anything dramatically different here.