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Advertising Reporting Bug

Discussion in 'Help and Feedback' started by Jason Tate, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. As written about here, we’ve been rolling out a new ad partner on the website this week.

    Our ad partners, @Advally, now have an account on this website. It will be monitored by their team to check for misbehaving ads on the website.

    If you ever see an ad that does something it shouldn’t: redirect, auto play music, or anything like that, please let me and them know ASAP. If you can get a screen shot of it and the link that it sent you to, that is super helpful.

    You can message or tag the advally account directly and they’ll take care of it. You can also post about it in this thread if you would like.

    The goal is to not have any of that shit on the site, so I apologize for any inconvenience as we work out the bugs and kinks as we roll everything out. It’s a work in progress!
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  2. Advally

    Advally Ad Ops Verified

    Hey! Thanks so much for the introduction.

    As @Jason Tate Said - We want to capture, diagnose and fix any ad issues that you guys see as fast as is humanly possible. I completely understand that a poor ad experience doesn't work well for anyone, and we are here to own that experience and make it work fantastically!

    We're going to be monitoring this thread, as well as PMs, etc - so posting up here or sending a PM is ideal. Jason is absolutely right that the more information you can give us, the faster it will allow us to get the problem solved!

    Also feel free to ask any questions you might have about ads, always love educating people on how the industry works!
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  3. Zilla

    Trusted Supporter

    I got this today.

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  4. (I'm learning a lot of people use Chrome on iOS and this was not a thing I knew about.)
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  5. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    Screenshot_20181115-120757_Chrome.jpg Just got one of these
  6. to be honest I want a Costco gift card.
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  7. Advally

    Advally Ad Ops Verified

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  8. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    Nothing since this one
  9. Advally

    Advally Ad Ops Verified

    Still looking good after the weekend?
  10. Zach


    Encountered some spam on the home page (not forums) today. On iPhone X, using Safari

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  11. Advally

    Advally Ad Ops Verified

    Sidebar - I use iOS and absolutely refuse to ever open Safari, unless I'm testing broken ad creative. :) Definitely a thing... Apple hardware is a thing of beauty... but a lot of their software is terrible.

    Is what you saw fairly similar to what you've seen other users report?

    I'm really sorry that this is happening right now.

    This is basically the new frontier of what used to be Forum Spam. Remember how bad that was for a while?

    Similar type of problem - the bad actors go for massive scale, with very few successful returns.. but enough to get their goals accomplished. Every time you put a new block in place, they find another hole... and you fight this battle endlessly.

    The good news is - like Forum spam, the protections against these things are getting insanely good. Each and every time we crush one of these things, it shuts down another pathway.

    Thank you very much to everyone here for reporting these things. With your help, we'll have 'em all taken care of in nothing flat!
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  12. Zach Nov 23, 2018
    (Last edited: Nov 23, 2018)


    Yes all I’ve gotten is the “you’ve won $1000”.”

    What can I say, I’m a lucky guy

    Edit: just downloaded chrome to try it out and received the spam halfway through logging in
  13. Advally

    Advally Ad Ops Verified

    What I'm really curious about is if you actually ever got the $1,000.

    Seriously though - we've been monitoring an enormous attack that came in over the Thanksgiving weekend, which is finished now.

    LMK if you're seeing anything else that is an issue!
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  14. Zach


    For sure!
  15. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    I got this redirect on the mobile site.
  16. Zach


  17. Advally

    Advally Ad Ops Verified

    We put some more blocks in place, anything since you saw that one?
  18. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

  19. Zach


    Not for me either
  20. ReginaPhilange

    FKA Jacob Prestigious

    Got a ton of attempted pop ups. Only one went through.Chrome on iOS
  21. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    They're back

  22. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    I got this
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