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2022-2023 NCAA Basketball Thread Basketball

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Melody Bot, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot Apr 6, 2016
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  3. aoftbsten

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    Subbin. Go Buffs!
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  4. Mr. Serotonin

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  5. aoftbsten

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    Allen returning is huge for them. But how will Duke play next season without a Plumlee? Is that even possible?
  6. MegT585


    Go Syracuse!
  7. slimfenix182


    Was looking forward to the Daniel Hamilton/Jalen Adams tandem next year, I think they would've been scary by midseason. At least UConn has one of the top classes coming in.
  8. xbrokendownx

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  9. xbrokendownx

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    holy crap, I need this

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  10. aoftbsten

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    Anyone else watching the Nike Hoop Summit today? Team USA is dominating, especially Terrance Ferguson. Whatever school ends up landing him will be fun to watch.
  11. patrickhowell

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    4 of 5 freshmen are transferring from Ohio State and 2 assistant coaches are leaving for other jobs. Not great.
  12. None of those freshmen were very good and the main core is staying. And I'll always be happy for OSU assistants leaving for better jobs. Boals getting a shot to run a program is long overdue.
  13. patrickhowell

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    It's still going to be a tough transition... D'Angelo Russell was exciting last year but other than him we've been let down on expectations since... Conley?
  14. It's definitely been a rough stretch the past 2-3 years at least. I think Russell being SO good so soon hurt. Think Thad expected him to be here at least two years.
  15. dtbjerke

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    Wisconsin having tourney success this year despite Nigel Hayes shooting 23%, has me rather optimistic about next season assuming Hayes does come back (which he should). 15min/6pts/4reb/1blk is all the production we would lose if Hayes does come back. By the way, those numbers are season totals, not per game averages.
  16. patrickhowell

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    Russell said he originally committed to 2 years at OSU, but Matta said he knew before the season even started it wouldn't last.
  17. Yeah. Goddamn he was fun to watch for that year. The program is definitely in a weird spot right now. Getting worse for three or so straight years. A lot of recruiting misses. I think I tend to stray towards the optimistic in response to all the "fans" who vocally (#online) want Thad out and think he's a horrible coach. But this is definitely a turning point. Hopefully the core guys who are staying get better and the freshmen next season fit in better than last.
  18. GrantCloud

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    yeah after his abysmal tourney i have a feeling he will be back.
  19. patrickhowell

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    So many recruits who never panned out too. Like Amir Williams making one great play, then standing flat-footed under the rim for 39 minutes. Or Sam Thompson & Aaron Craft had everything else, but could never get a consistent jump shot. This was fun though:

  20. Pretty bizarre to refer to Aaron Craft as a recruit that never panned out.
  21. patrickhowell

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    I'm saying guys like Amir didn't pan out and also it was frustrating that Craft didn't get the jump shot that would make him really break through as a complete player.
  22. AelNire

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    Thornton the little 17 yr old point guard for Duke is transferring bc Duke recruited a top 5 point guard. I wondered if that might happen.
  23. xbrokendownx

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    took all the local newspaper covers from the Championship to Michael's to get a custom frame made up

    will post pics when its done. should be p sweet
  24. RuckerPark

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    Holy Moley. Josh Jackson. Now I'm already getting false hope for next year.
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  25. TerpsBaseball26


    Melo Trimble and Diamond Stone both declared for the NBA draft for Maryland. Trimble isn't signing with an agent so he still may be back. Either way, looks like a rebuilding year next season after a relatively disappointing year given preseason expectations.