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March Madness NCAA Basketball (2017-2018) Basketball

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Jason Tate, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Here's the official thread for March Madness and the NCAA Basketball tourney for 2017-2018.

    If you would like to join the official Chorus bracket challenge group, you can do that right here. The winner of the challenge will be gifted a full year of supporter status here on the website for free. Free Dark Mode is totally worth playing for.

    A printable bracket can be found here.

    Times for the games can be found here.

    Everyone try and let cool heads prevail in the end during tight games. I know it's always going to be chaos and tempers can fly, so, let's remember we're all fans of basketball and have a good time. Unless you cheer for North Carolina.
  2. I can only hope that all the hate Syracuse is receiving will be fuel for another miracle final four appearance.
  3. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    Go Cats.
  4. domotime2

    Great Googly Moogly Supporter

    The special season for seton hall.... looks like it's not meant to be. Can we at least beat nc state
  5. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Go MSU
  6. broken22


    I'm usually wrong but I think Houston can do some damage.
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  7. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    Go Vols
  8. UNC - Nova rematch
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  9. AlwaysEvolving21

    Trusted Supporter

    Go Purdue.

    Can't believe they got a 2 seed. Thought they were going to end up in a 4 spot.
  10. aoftbsten

    Trusted Supporter

    I barely watch any college basketball this year outside of Colorado and a random game here and there. So I'm just gonna do a KenPom based bracket or something completely random.
  11. Professor Plumbob

    Trusted Supporter

    UNC-Nova rematch with UNC on top.
  12. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    i have my same champion as i had picked before the season: MSU

    though i hope they lose because fuck that team
  13. The Format


    Duke and Xavier
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  14. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    I don't see any way Xavier makes a deep run tbh

    they just don't have any gamebreakers past Bluiett
  15. go Butler? go Virginia?

    I don't know what to do without Wisconsin haha
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  16. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious


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  17. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    wright state more like wrong state
  18. Owlex

    free snewt Prestigious

    Don’t do dis
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  19. delvec19


    Seton Hall - NC State at 4:30pm...blimey. Quick give me an excuse to leave work early on Thursday. Anyone?! lol
  20. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    i'm taking off at 12 both days this week, as i have the last two years lol
  21. I've made 3 brackets for this season, they're all different, but they all have UVA winning it all. PLEASE GOD LET UVA GET FAR!
  22. domotime2

    Great Googly Moogly Supporter

    I just can't trust Virginia ever.... but hey I said that about Villanova and one tome they proved us wrong. All it takes is that one year
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  23. fingers crossed! i have a collective of $20 across all my brackets... haha
  24. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    I'm just not sure Bennett's style plays well in the tournament

    I think both Kentucky and Arizona could take them down tbh
  25. aoftbsten

    Trusted Supporter

    So many of the 5/12 games have upset potential.

    Please ignore that I said I didn't watch enough college basketball to really know what I'm earlier in this thread. I've glanced some stats and read a few articles. I'm an expert now.
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