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‘Justice League’ Trailer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 23, 2016.

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  2. youll be fine Jul 23, 2016
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    youll be fine

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    Tone is WAY different in an exciting way
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  3. drewinseries


    Was expecting Wonder Woman but not this, both look awesome. Very excited.
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  4. aoftbsten

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    Great trailer. I am excited for a DC film for once.
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  5. Yellowcard2006


  6. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

  7. selfreliable


    There really has only been two if you mean the DC extended universe films. If you mean DC in general, then you are missing some great animated films, and the first two Nolan Batman movies were incredible as well.

    I'm not sure what I think of this yet. I like Jason as Aquaman and Ezra as Flash, but I feel like there is a lot more jokes/lightheartedness in this than there usually is within the DC universe.
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  8. sammyboy516

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    That's because MoS and BvS were completely devoid of any humor and were not so much "dark" as they were cold and emotionless. I thought this was a huge breath of fresh air.
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  9. mattylikesfilms


    This looks great :-)
  10. Anthony_

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    There is hope for the DC Cinematic Universe yet. And, with any luck, this will be Zack Snyder's final go in the director's chair for the franchise. Time for WB/DC to move on without him and bring in some real filmmaking talent.
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  11. MrSark

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    Trailer does look great. Really excited for this.

    Hasn't he been confirmed to direct the Justice League sequel as well or am I mistaken there?
  12. This trailer does nothing for me. A lot of the problems of BvS can still be seen in this trailer. Excited to see some new characters on screen though! The Flash scene was the only okay part of this.
  13. CaptainInsano


    I'm ready for him to go as well, although hindsight is 20/20 cause Watchmen was a good movie, MoS and BvS though, not so much.
  14. I'd be willing to bet money that the White Stripes song WON'T actually be in the movie. I'd love to see a super hero movie stuffed with pop culture tunes and not stuffy scores, though.

    Also, The Flash looks HILARIOUS. He's the Spidey of the JL! If I see this movie, it will probably be exclusively for him.
  15. aoftbsten

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    Should have clarified, I was referring to the new EU they've been trying to set up. The Nolan films are great, I haven't seen any of the animated films, but the Killing Joke looks awesome and is on my list. I guess I forgot about Suicide Squad too, that looks like a lot of fun.
  16. BringsTheAwesome


    Guardians of the Galaxy?
  17. Anthony_

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    I don't even like Watchmen. It's really a poor-man's attempt at adapting source material that should have been left to rest in perfection on the page.
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  18. Anthony_

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    As far as I know, he's only definitely doing this one as of now. Besides, even if the plan was originally to have him back again, I doubt that's still the plan now. I have to imagine they want to distance themselves from him as much as possible, and they've already taken the first steps in that direction by removing his position of "creative" control (and I use the word "creative" only in the most superficial sense).
  19. carlosonthedrums

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    Already looks pretty promising, but I've been burned by DC's marketing before. I'm guessing there was no Q&A during this panel because seeing Snyder field questions about BvS would've been worth breaking out the popcorn.
  20. BringsTheAwesome


    Great movie. Highly recommend it. Check it out. :)
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  21. simonbelmont


    The hate for BVS and MOS is incredibly ridiculous. They weren't masterpiece films by any stretch, but they weren't even half as disastrous as the general movie goer, critic, and most posters in here would have you believe.

    I don't recall in the last 17 years going to a Batman movie to expect levity, really just unexpected and unnecessary during Schumacher years but that's it, sorry just don't accept this criticism as Batman is a cold, dark character.

    Go see a Marvel film if you need levity so bad, I love Marvel, and that in my opinion has been their biggest difference in film. Don't get me wrong Marvel can be very dark as comics, but the film universes have been definition opposite ends of the spectrum. That includes Nolan/Burton (duh) eras.

    I swear to God if all this complaining about nothing turns JL into a watered down pun filled shit show I'm personally blaming all you people who cried about not laughing at a Batman/Superman film.

    This movie in particular aimed to project an older, colder, devoid of emotion Bruce Wayne/Batman. As far as Superman goes this movie aimed to show him struggle with the physical and emotional weight of being either earth's savior or it's destructor based on the circumstances and people involved.

    The other one that is just plain lazy was the plot being "a mess"... seriously how much more of a generalized criticism is there?! At times the pacing was rough and scenes were off, but 30 minutes of footage was left on the cutting room floor. All of which was restored in Ultimate edition which leaves a much more cohesive film. Watched it today...fantastic. Jeremy Irons kills it as Alfred.

    "I hate Zack Snyder"...this is a part of it too...not sure why because if you personally knew half the director's whose films you do like there's a good chance you'd dislike them personally, just not sure why this is such an imperative aspect to enjoying a film, but to each his own. I don't know him and I don't think that should have any bearing on how a film is judged...if you just don't like his films...then I get that.

    Bottom line I wish there was more I just don't like this movie or any of Snyder's films than all the God awful seemingly pulled from nowhere criticisms of this least the former is being honest...and a little ridiculous, but as I said to each his own.
  22. simonbelmont


    Not sure if there was Q&A but Snyder was reportedly booed.

    I wonder if people who love Nolan's films will boo him for being an executive producer on BVS and being fully supportive and instrumental in making this picture.
  23. carlosonthedrums Jul 23, 2016
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    I'm not sure when the matter of distaste for Snyder's approach became an issue of not having enough humor, but that's never been my personal problem with his filmmaking skills. My problem is his characters and storylines carry absolutely zero weight. Whether it's his hollowed-out version of Adrian Veidt or a Superman that has been completely stripped of warmth, empathy and yes, joy, nothing feels thought-out or as deep as he wants you to think it is.

    Sure, the idea of Superman wrestling with his role in the world was interesting in Birthright and For Tomorrow (to an extent), but with paper-thin dialogue, weird motivations and horribly overlong action scenes where everything is torn to shreds, it just feels...stupid. David Fincher makes long movies. Christopher Nolan makes long movies. Alfonso Cuaron makes long movies. None of these guys need an unrated director's cut to give you the proper version of their films, even when the properties involved are huge tentpoles. I've said it since day one, but I have no idea what the hell Warner Brothers was thinking when they decided to give the keys to the DC kingdom to the guy who made Sucker Punch. He's a solid visual artist (although I don't know what he has against color), but he cannot direct actors and execute conceivable storylines for shit.
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  24. tdlyon

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    I liked BvS more than most people did but I think this looks really fantastic