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    i listen to music like its my religion. i create electronic/hip-hop music. i engineer/mix/master music. this is my life. this is what i aspire to do until i die. create music, produce music, ingrain myself in the culture of music. as a fan, as a creative, as a human. i have a bachelor's of arts in audio production which really doesn't mean shit other than i know how to handle and make the most of pretty much any piece of audio equipment you throw my way. but right now i mostly work in the box and i know my way inside and out of many, many different kinds of software and plug ins, as well as a lot of analog gear and consoles. hit me up if you want more info or are curious about what i do and how i do it and are interested in my services (which includes recording, mixing, mastering, and editing). i will work on any genre as well as podcasts, voice overs, audio for film or television, etc. If your project can be accomplished by sending it to me remotely, im your guy. and if you're located within a reasonable distance of the Philadelphia area, im DEFINITELY your guy. for business for the tunes also for business, feel free to add me
    Aug 6, 1992 (Age: 25)
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    Philadelphia, PA
    Freelance Audio Engineer
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    Jake Jenkins
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    Webster University
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