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mgiannotti edge mike
    1. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Apr 1, 2016
      Happy Birthday!
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    I'm a senior at Rutgers University studying Psychology, and next year I'll be starting graduate school at Rutgers for an Ed.M. in Special Education and Elementary Education. I substitute at my high school and work on the Asbury Park beach in the summers.

    I play drums and have played in and filled in for a few bands from New Brunswick and the NJ shore, like ROMP, Cackhander Happy, and Teenage Halloween. I'm straight edge and most people think that's hilarious, myself included, considering all my friends are typical college students and obnoxious stoners. I need new friends.
    Apr 1, 1995 (Age: 24)
    New Brunswick
    Graduate Student
    Real Name:
    Michael Giannotti
    Rutgers University
    Grad School:
    Rutgers University
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