Kiana Goddamn, man child
    1. Kiana
      Kiana Mar 21, 2016
      Getting a couch with a cupholder built in is goals
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    2. Kiana
      Kiana Mar 10, 2016
      Sometimes I know I talk about myself too much and I'm convinced everyone hates me for being so egotistical but then when I pay attention to convos it seems like everyone is pretty self-involved so then I feel better because maybe it's just a human thing.
    3. Kiana
      Kiana Mar 9, 2016
      I'm not on social media but this site is now the closest thing and it weirds me out! I'm like "why did they like my status?? was I funny? Do they agree? idgi." and I started trying to follow ppl but after like 3 ppl I got bored and stopped. Maybe this is what I needed to get out of the dark ages tho. Maybe one day I'll finally delete my LJ account even!!
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      2. Jason Tate
        Jason Tate
        Had to like this post, irony or something. :)
        Mar 9, 2016
    4. Kiana
      Kiana Mar 8, 2016
      lol @ me not knowing what my job title is
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