1. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Feb 6, 2016
      Late last night I decided that I do think the new website should have a release date calendar of some kind. I think it's beneficial if updated and done in conjunction with a weekly post + forum thread for people to converse and congregate around. I want to see if I can do the whole thing without having to use a database on the backend but still be easy to update and get albums into and out of it. So, that's going to be my Saturday -- let's see what comes out.
    2. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Feb 5, 2016
      I should be sleeping. I think I finished the last part of the content side of the website today. It's crazy with how many plugins the WordPress Community has -- how many of them suck. They're just badly written or don't quite do what they should. I just ended up doing what I usually do when I can't find something that works and wrote my own. I'm really happy with how this is coming along. It's familiar and clean, but I definitely went for a unique feel as well. (I didn't want everything to look like you'd seen it before.) Now to stock up on stock images (hey!) and watch some Jane the Virgin with a beer.
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      2. Craig Manning
        Craig Manning
        Feb 5, 2016
    3. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Feb 4, 2016
      I somehow forgot Cartel released an acoustic album. I never listened to it and can't find it on Apple Music.
    4. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Feb 2, 2016
      Beer and TV. In bed before 1am, feeling good about myself. Plus: got myself some new sheets after my fitted sheet literally split in two. #adulting
    5. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Feb 1, 2016
      I count five trademark™ symbols on the front of my washing machine. Most on common terms like "Bright Whites" and "Steam" -- is this really necessary?
    6. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Feb 1, 2016
      Why did no one tell me 'Jane the Virgin' was really good?
    7. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 31, 2016
      Tonight it's all about a Godfather re-watch. One hell of a movie, God damn.
    8. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 30, 2016
      Watching 'Batman: Bad Blood' tonight. And humming T. Swift with a couple of beers. Not a bad evening.
      1. Jason Tate
        Jason Tate
        It was pretty good. One of the better animated movies. Now on to The 100.
        Jan 30, 2016
    9. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 30, 2016
      I'd pay extra money for a Vitale-less basketball feed.
    10. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 29, 2016
      "Your eyes were full of regret, and then you took a picture of your salad, and put it on the Internet."
    11. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 28, 2016
      In college I got known as the "computer guy," so in business classes whenever something with the technology would break, the professor would ask me to fix it. It was usually something super easy and simple to fix but I got in the habit of just doing it all from a command prompt because it looked so much more difficult and nerdy/hackery to do. Pretty sure that raised my grade in multiple classes by gleaning favor from the professor.
    12. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 27, 2016
      Thank you to whoever recommended Fisherman's Friend throat lozenges to me. They got me through podcast recording last night with this annoying sore throat.
    13. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 26, 2016
      Time to start a re-watch of Brooklyn 99, this show makes me happy.
    14. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 26, 2016
      "If I'm lost, then how can I find myself?" ... the new The 1975 album is good, it's really good.
    15. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 25, 2016
      I've seen a lot of basketball in my life, I've never seen anything quite like the Warriors and Steph Curry this year.
    16. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 25, 2016
      Haven't listened to Death Cab for Cutie in a while, think I need to break out the discography today while it's still cold outside.
    17. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 24, 2016
      My fitted sheet just split right down the middle while changing it. That's fun.
    18. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 24, 2016
      Ok I need a nap. My day can be over, it is Sunday.
    19. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 24, 2016
      I can't even feel my body. What a crazy season. We're going to the SuperBowl. This ... I can't. This is a great season no matter what now. No one believed in this team.
    20. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 24, 2016
      If Peyton had the first half Tom Brady did, the sports media would have destroyed him. And a certain NE fan podcaster would have had a field day next week.
    21. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 22, 2016
      Watching 'The Intern' -- it's endearing. Love DeNiro and I really relate with Jules/Hathaway's character. I'm enjoying.
      1. Jason Tate
        Jason Tate
        Jan 22, 2016
    22. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 21, 2016
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    23. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 20, 2016
      A day of writing and podcasting. A night of reading and beer. There are worse ways to live.
    24. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 19, 2016
      Watching 'Youth' tonight. This is a strange movie so far. Enjoying it, but it's definitely ... different.
    25. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 19, 2016
      Primary work on the site is basically complete. Almost a week of beta testing and bug fixes in the books. Now to continue opening it up to some more members and hit optimization of the pages and server hard.
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