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    1. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Aug 1, 2016
      Is it time to retire the Joker character from Batman. Cesar Romero, Lennie Weinrib, Larry Storch, Jeff Bennett, Michael Emerson, Mark Hamill, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Frank Welker, and finally Jared Leto (may have forgotten someone there) all have dawned the clown costume or voice, taking the iconic character to a multitude of insanity. But yes, the list is long, and seemingly limitless at this point as people continually are drawn to the Bat/Joker dichotomy. Just a suggestion, let him sit for a few years. We don't need more. You think you want more, you don't. The body of work is expansive. If you like Ledger's Joker from the Dark Knight, check out some work. I am willing to bet you haven't seen every Joker. You like Hamill's vocal Joker in the Arkham games and the forthcoming Killing Joke, give a whimsical Romero Joker a chance. Stop casting Jokers.
    2. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Jul 14, 2016
      I am still interested to why shows think laugh tracks are necessary. In the golden old days, shows were filmed in front of a live studio audience. Laughter was genuine, seeing something live and reacting. Jokes were judged in real time. It was a first take on something that television audiences would judge along side. But, that stopped but the laughter kept getting added on. Seinfeld had a laugh track, and its considered the greatest comedy of all time. Big Bang Theory has a laugh track and it consistently is the most watched show on TV. I cannot tell if everyone else is wrong or I am missing the point. It's Always Sunny doesn't use one, and it's consistently hilarious without the use of one; I know when to laugh. Dramas don't use a cry track. I don't know when to feel emotions when Walt and Jesse do something sad. We need cry tracks. Mr Robot just is unwatchable with it.
    3. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Jun 24, 2016
      The best reality show currently is the Sex Factor.
    4. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Jun 23, 2016
      How can anyone adequately criticize the new Ghostbusters movie and not be called sexist? I can. It looks awful. Why you may ask? Does it have to do with the new Ghostbusters being women? No. I could care less about their genders. It is the quality of what I am seeing in trailers. None. 1984 and 1989 came two movies that features comedy behemoths of their time all in one movie fighting ghosts. 2016 features comedy behemoth Kristin Wiig and what is like a slap in the face to the funniest comedians of all time: Leslie Jones, SNL's worst. This has nothing to do with sexism. Why did they not pick Rose Byrne? She's proven she has the comedic chops. What about a mixture of guys and girls? But, I get ahead of myself thinking that anyone was asking for a new Ghostbusters film. No one was. We were happy. Now we aren't. Tell the studios to fuck off and don't go see this.
    5. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Jun 15, 2016
      Can we be collectively over Chris Hardwick now that he's a big corporate shill for Comcast? He started the podcast empire, but will he also be its undoing? I mean, he's funny enough. He does stand-up, hosts multiple shows, still records his own podcast, appears on others' podcasts, and still needs to whore himself to Xfinity. I know what you are thinking, "Aaron, if Comcast gave you a shit ton of money to do a commercial you would do it." No, I wouldn't. I would do anything else. ANYTHING. Name it. I would be brand ambassador for anything. I would sooner be the Michelob Ultra spokesman, the shittiest beer on the planet over Comcast. I would be in a PSA defending Martin Shkreli, the pharma bro who raised the price of AIDS medication rather than Comcast. I would do a promo for the show the Big Bang Theory rather than Comcast.
    6. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion May 22, 2016
      Gluten is not your enemy. Seriously, unless you have Coeliac or Celiac disease or a wheat allergy, stop blaming Gluten for your problems. It is naturally occurring in wheat, barley, and rye and aids in elasticity of dough. Like any food, in moderation is fine and imperative for starch digestion. But yes, please continue to buy Gluten-free bread, it's soooooooo good for you. If your body can process Gluten, like mine, I have no respect for your Gluten-free diet.
    7. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion May 16, 2016
      Happy Lagwagon Day. May 16 forever.
    8. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion May 5, 2016
      "But I was going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!"

      The most infamous whiny Luke Skywalker line from A New Hope also remains a great one for the story that is overlooked. In a deleted scene, Luke goes to Toshi Station and runs into Biggs Darklighter who tells him he is joining the Rebellion against the Empire. This is the first time Luke thinks he can leave Tattooine, his friend will be there. But no, instead what the audience sees is after Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen get crispy, he has nothing left to be on Tattooine for, he may as well go with Obi Wan. This is not the same tale. Really, and besides just a whiny line, mentioning it does his character a bit of injustice. Makes the audience believe that Luke is acting out of revenge. When Luke gets on Yavin, he sees Biggs who is happy he's there and when he meets his doom in an X-Wing, Luke reacts.
    9. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 30, 2016
      Why settle for cut-rate fast food? Really, why? And I can delve into health benefits and such, but I mainly want to talk about pizza. America's meal. It has everything you need, no sides, all on one saucy pie. It baffles my mind, because no matter where you live a pizza parlor is within your grasp. And not a corporate one, like Dominos, Papa Johns, or Pizza Hut; an independently run pizza shop. And, it is hard to mess up pizza. Even bad pizza is still pizza, but it does not have to be that way. Yet, many people insist on eating awful cardboard with cheese from Papa Johns running with garlic diarrhea grease. John Schnatter is the epitome of asshole, he does not pay his workers well, he denies them full-time to get out of paying health care, and he sits on a 40,000 square foot mansion having Peyton Manning use his pepperoni dildo on him nightly. Do not settle for big pizza.
    10. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 29, 2016
      Who is Bella Thorne and why has Hollywood just decided that she is the new it girl?
    11. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 28, 2016
      Looks like Scott brand toilet paper now provide 1100 sheets per roll now, an increase from 1000. 10% more, Scott you wonderful bastard, what am I going to do with all this extra ply?
    12. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 23, 2016
      Tweets aren't news. Unless President Obama tweets out that we are going to war, nothing anyone writes on Twitter should be covered by news outlets. "But, so and so tweeted out ______ and people are offended!" True, people do have thin skin that some moron or presidential candidate can tweet out something hateful while on the toilet; still does not make it news-worthy. Prince is no longer with us and MSNBC and CNN used this opportunity to read celebrity tweet reactions. Oh, that person you liked is dead, how are you grieving in 140 characters or less? Twitter can extremely useful in real time, if an event is unfolding and someone is live-tweeting it, then the news media can cover it. Live-tweeting an event as a person on the ground is covering it provides more unbiased reporting than a commentator after the fact. But tweets themselves, not news.
    13. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 19, 2016
      Enough with these recipe videos. You know the ones, filmed from directly above. Sped up to triple the speed. With words over-top saying the amount of something to add in. They are not helpful. What person is consistently pausing a video in their kitchen to catch up. Why do not you not own a cookbook but you trust some granola energy balls your gluten-free friend (who doesn't have Celiac's) says will be better than sex. No one cares. Watch the Food Network for quality food entertainment. Your iMovie skills with your iPhone on a tripod do not impress. Oh star wipe to the finished product, don't you feel accomplished. Share with everyone, they will make it because you have that bachelors degree in nutrition. Julia Child is flipping you off from her grave.
    14. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 14, 2016
      Are we over Chuck Palahniuk as an author? I remember as very specific time in my life where his writing meant the world to me; his feverish writing could have been the end all to writing my life's mantras. Then, what happened? Did I grow out of his stylistic sex-heavy filth? Survivor was a great novel, but does it hold up? I have an unread copy of Lullaby on my shelf from that era, should I read it? Recently a sequel to Fight Club was out in comic book form, is that the right medium for Palahniuk's dystopian wet-dream to thrive in? Was I the only person who thought the film Choke was better than the book?
    15. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 8, 2016
      Someone at the Oscars referred to the droids from Star Wars as "the bots." And the enraging audacity of calling them "the bots," this commentator knew they weren't robots. She knew they weren't call androids. She knew they had a special name. But did she know they were droids? NOPE. She thought they were the BOTS. So since then, I have referred to them as "the bots." BB-8, the bot. C3PO, the bot. R2D2, the bot.
    16. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 8, 2016
      People with ultra white teeth are disgusting. When we smile, our teeth say a lot about us. A toothy grin is nice and a decent set of chompers tells me that person takes care of their mouth. Good things. But when the teeth whitening industry tells you you need to have a smile that outshines your car's high-beams, then you have pushed it too far. When you do the "tissue test" and hold a tissue to your teeth and the tissue is less white then your teeth: you are doing life wrong. When Giada De Laurentiis opens her mouth like the opening of the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark, my face melts off. I do not find super white teeth attractive. I drink coffee, I also brush my teeth. My teeth are normal color which is not nuclear reaction white.
    17. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 6, 2016
      New singles from Saosin and The Movielife. Plus new Deftones album that shreds. My 16 year old self is giddy.
    18. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 6, 2016
      Can they update the USA flag from time to time. Not just updating when a new state is added, like one bonus star to skew off the star count. We want simplicity, if Pepsi and Apple can change their logo every couple of years we can design a hip new flag. Also, the Pennsylvania flag, too busy. Let's change that. Three colors. Maybe something to signify what our state is known for: the keystone state, the hard to buy alcohol in state, the mushroom production state, the Pittsburgh and Philly and the bullshit in the middle state, or the place where the Amish are state. The sky is the limit. But we need new flags, representative flags. The Mississippi flag still has a small confederate battle flag on their flag, and they are known as the "hospitality state." They also have a law stating "no person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office." Fuck Mississippi.
    19. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 4, 2016
      It has been awhile since I have been wowed by new Pop Tart flavors. In grocery stores, it is a staple of my work mornings, a sleeve of Kellogg's question mark filled pastry. But, besides some goto flavors (i.e. Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and mothefucking Wild Berry), the new flavors do not tickle my breakfast fancy. Red Velvet? Maple Bacon? PB&J? Are you kidding me, Pop Tarts. I want enjoyable flavors. Also, can you rethink serving sizes? For years I have had two Pop Tarts for breakfast, to my surprise your serving size is one Pop Tart. ONE POP TART, are you mad? Why put two in one sleeve if you do not want me to eat two. What am I to do with the other? Put it asside, make zip-lockable Pop sleeves if I am only supposed to eat one. So, recap: 1. new exciting flavors 2. serving size as two.
    20. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 3, 2016
      I enjoy drinking and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. When I am at parties and a coaster skids across a wet table, I recall about friction.
    21. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 1, 2016
      Vegans of, do you have a plan for what to do with livestock? Let me say for the sake of my argument that everyone in the world listens to the vegan message and goes vegan. I personally enjoy being an omnivore but say veganism becomes the norm for the world. All the animals that are bred for meat or byproduct, where do they go? I personally do not have a problem with vegan as a lifestyle choice, friends of mine are vegan and vegan food is usually very good if cooked correctly, plus I am first in line to want to stop animal cruelty. I am not a hunter but I see the necessity in culling the herd. Which is again why I ask, where do the cows go that were bred for milk and cheese or their meat? Do cows make good pets? Will our new bovine overlords be benevolent?
    22. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Apr 1, 2016
      Someone asked me for some music recommendation and I just gave them a link to my Soundcloud playlist. Is this the state of what music sharing has succumb to? People giving links to pre-purposed mixes set for a specific micro-timeframe of recent. Or maybe I should have shared an older mix, something from long ago. A microcosm of the yester-month. I am not sharing an insight into my current likes but something from a very specific feeling: maybe somber, maybe lonely, maybe anxious, maybe tired, maybe jubilant. Not specific to that very someone. Maybe this is the fate of the streaming Spotify-Tidal-Apple Music generation, no one can bother. "A recent driving mix I will share with this person, close enough." Or, "that nineties alternative and grunge mix is a good judge of what I like, close enough." April Fools, no one asked me for a mix.
    23. ForestOfAllusion
      ForestOfAllusion Mar 31, 2016
      I recently watched the movie Freddy Got Fingered for the first time since it came out in 2001. While I this is not a recommendation, it was a comedy before its time; Tim & Eric before Tim & Eric properly developed their style. And still, as this absurdest film, Tom Green begs you to hate him. In every scene, he makes a lizard-like scowl at the camera exclaiming, "what the fuck I am doing? Can you guess?" Recently, Quentin Dupieux made a career of the surreal and parody to an almost dada level. Green's Freddy Got Fingered is a anti-testament to all that should not exist, shunning Dupieux for cohesion. Yet, like rubbernecking at a grisly car crash, the film sits in this ether. And, I cannot for the life of me get it out of my head. Did Green play an elaborate fifteen million dollar Punk'd-style prank or was this a career ending James Franco-esque art project?
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