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    A Detroit singer-songwriter turned Los Angeles music attorney; Evan Freed is not afraid to go against the grain. Known for his earnest and relatable lyricism, Freed is unabashed, often diving head first into the human condition. But rather than simply dwelling on humanity’s shortcomings, Freed is a voice of awareness, often empathizing and offering hope alongside a "live in the now” mantra. Coupled with an easy-go-lucky, yet self-deprecating charm, Freed endears himself to listeners on a deeper level.

    After spending the better part of 2018, co-founding, co-hosting and performing at one of the most up and coming house concert series in Los Angeles— currently titled "Chocolate Chip Sessions” (CCS)— Freed abruptly quit his two attorney jobs, went camping in Joshua Tree, and booked a slew of shows— some as a solo artist, some performing alongside CCS co-founder and multi-instrumentalist songwriter, Jakob Berger collectively under the moniker “Cans of Water” (COW). After selling out an art installation in Hollywood alongside Berger, COW appeared to be one of the most exciting new duos in indie folk. Two days later Freed somewhat abruptly packed his bags and moved back to Southeast Michigan.

    Where Freed goes from here, no one seems to know (most certainly himself). After cave-troll hoarding his album for the better part of a year, Freed decided to finally release his new single “Dust” on October 26, 2018. His album “Golden Door” is due out in December 2018.

    Mar 6, 1992 (Age: 30)
    Detroit or L.A.
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