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    1. mationation
      mationation Mar 24, 2019
      didn’t know where else to put this but have you heard the song "Eighteen" by Tyler Lyle? it's a "Certified Craig Jam” if I've ever heard one. that whole record The Native Genius of Desert Plants is a favorite I've heard in a long while. but definitely check out that song (there’s even a Springsteen reference to boot)
    2. Matt Chylak
      Matt Chylak Jan 10, 2017
      Hey, couldn't find a good place to put this -- your personal year-end list is super awesome and ambitious from a writing perspective. Can't wait to go through the whole thing and find some records I missed... already LOVING this Lori McKenna album. "Wreck You" might have been like a top 10 song of the year for me if it wasn't January 2017 already :)
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      2. Craig Manning
        Craig Manning
        Hey man, thanks! I appreciate that. Glad you dig the McKenna album. I've been stumping for that one a bunch, but I didn't review it here, so maybe my praise for it never got out of the country thread. Let me know as you continue exploring stuff of there!
        Jan 10, 2017
    3. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Jan 10, 2016
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    Ever since I first heard Jimmy Eat World's Futures in the fall of 2004, I've wanted music to be my life. That album sparked an obsession that dominated my high school years and inspired me to pursue a music major in college. Heartbreakingly, things didn't work out on that front/ But when my girlfriend/now wife encouraged me to start writing about music in the summer of 2011, it opened up a new window for me to keep music in my life as college wound down and I prepared to enter the professional world. Five years, a writing degree, hundreds of album reviews, a handful of remarkable interviews with my all-time favorite artists, countless petty arguments with fellow music fans on and Twitter, and god knows how many hours of music listening later, here I am.

    I served as Senior Editor for AbsolutePunk toward the tail end of its run. I write about whatever strikes me over at my blog (, which usually means incredibly personal and introspective essays about the albums and artists that have meant the most to me over the past decade-plus. These days, I especially love folk, alt-country, and roots rock, but the albums I love span many genres.

    A few more things: Bruce Springsteen and Butch Walker are my personal Jesuses; the E Street Band is the greatest live act in the history of music; my favorite "band" proper is Jimmy Eat World. That about covers it!
    Nov 18, 1990 (Age: 33)
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    Traverse City, MI
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    Craig Manning
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    My living room
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    Top 10: Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run Butch Walker - Letters Jimmy Eat World - Futures Jack's Mannequin - Everything in Transit Counting Crows - August & Everything After The Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse Noah Gundersen - Ledges U2 - The Joshua Tree The Dangerous Summer - Reach for the Sun Green Day - American Idiot
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    Boy Meets World, Friends, Arrow, White Collar, The Good Wife, Veronica Mars, Suits, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Parks & Recreation
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    Almost Famous, The Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, Toy Story, Casino Royale, Risky Business, The Social Network, Inglourious Basterds, Home Alone, Finding Forrester, High Fidelity, Once
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    Love is a Mixtape, High Fidelity, Drinking with Strangers, How Music Got Free, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Catch 22, books about Bruce Springsteen
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