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CoffeeEyes17 Reclusive-Aggressive
    1. Shadow Of A Doubt
      Shadow Of A Doubt Jun 3, 2017
      Well I have to follow you with that avatar don't I?
      1. CoffeeEyes17 likes this.
      2. CoffeeEyes17
        hah, well met fellow suedehead
        Jun 3, 2017
        Shadow Of A Doubt likes this.
    2. ChrisCantWrite
      ChrisCantWrite Nov 12, 2016
      That avatar...gonna listen to that in full today. I'm excited.
      1. CoffeeEyes17 likes this.
    3. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Mar 4, 2016
      I mean, you had like one chance to get rid of the "17" on the username and you didn't go for it. Just sayin.
      1. CoffeeEyes17
        Its a part of me now Jason. CoffeeEyesClarityLover just didnt flow as well
        Mar 4, 2016
      2. beachdude
        Goddammit, getting rid of the "42" in my username like I did on most other sites didn't even occur to me lmao
        Mar 5, 2016
        Dirty Sanchez and Jason Tate like this.
      3. Aj LaGambina
        Aj LaGambina
        That is literally the exact thought I had when I got the follow notification. hahaha
        Apr 1, 2016
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    Dec 17, 1992 (Age: 26)
    North Carolina
    Real Name:
    Kenneth Evans
    Favorite Albums:
    Commit This To Memory, A City By The Light Divided, New Junk Aesthetic, Futures, The Ugly Organ, Home Like NoPlace Is There, Alligator, Emergency & I, The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me, Jane Doe,Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge Koi No Yokan, Southern Air, Transatlanticism, The Midnight Organ Fight, Dog Problems, Infinity On High, Wildlife, Keep You, Moving Mountains, Stage Four, On The Impossible Past, Where You Want To Be, Unknown Pleasures, Disintegration, The Queen Is Dead, Born To Run, 808s And Heartbreak, The Rooms Too Cold, The Money Store, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, The Future Is Cancelled, More Adventurous, Brand New Eyes, Illuminate, Left & Leaving, EndSerenading, Planet Of Ice
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