ChaseTx Big hat enthusiast
    1. ReginaPhilange
      ReginaPhilange Aug 13, 2017
      Glad to see things haven't changed at all since I last visited
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    2. ReginaPhilange
      ReginaPhilange Nov 29, 2016
      This page could use some sprucing up.
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      2. ReginaPhilange
        Oh wow I thought you'd never ask
        Nov 29, 2016
      3. ReginaPhilange
        Nov 29, 2016
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      4. ChaseTx
        Spruce it up man
        Apr 1, 2017
    3. ChrisCantWrite
      ChrisCantWrite Oct 13, 2016
      Fantastic avatar my friend.
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      2. ChaseTx
        Thanks! I'm liking it
        Oct 13, 2016
    4. ChaseTx
      ChaseTx Jun 12, 2016
      Buying everything at Target
    5. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Mar 18, 2016
      I moved from Texas to Tennessee, so now you are officially THE ChaseTX. You're welcome? hahaha. Let's be honest, you were always "the" you're older than me. But still.
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      2. ChaseTx
        Yes! You could've had it, but I took it first

        Really I'm just not creative enough for a real screen name
        Mar 18, 2016
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      3. Chase Tremaine
        Chase Tremaine
        But look at me! I didn't even have the confidence to keep "theherox." I just, well, gave up! haha
        Mar 18, 2016
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      4. Dirty Sanchez
        Dirty Sanchez
        hmm, how did I end up here....
        Apr 17, 2016
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    I was born in the backseat of a Mustang
    On a cold night in the hard rain
    And the very first song that the radio sang
    Was "I Won't Be Home No More"
    Nov 21, 1987 (Age: 36)
    N. Texas
    Real Name:
    Rowlett High School
    University of North Texas
    Political Views:
    Radical leftist
    Favorite TV Shows:
    Scrubs, Breaking Bad, Scream Queens, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, The Office, Parks and Recreation
    Favorite Movies:
    The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Back To The Future, Evil Dead, Star Wars, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Scream, It Follows
    Favorite Books:
    The Lord of The Rings, assorted Stephen King novels.
    Favorite Games:
    Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, The Last Of Us
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