1. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Dec 18, 2020
      As of today, my likes have finally outpaced my posts -- and that's worth memorializing here.
    2. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Apr 9, 2019
      My posts used to make up .2% of all activity on Chorus. Nowwwwww my posts make up slightly less than .01%. Crazy.
    3. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Jan 25, 2017
      The band I play bass for just released a new music video, the first of two to be released in the coming months. This one is documentary-styled, while the next one will be a traditional music video. Check it out!
    4. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Jan 3, 2017
      Recorded the Album in a Day Project, Volume 3 yesterday! I guess that means I should finally get around to releasing Volume 2....
    5. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Oct 20, 2016
      I love doing stupid math like this. To expand on an earlier post, I make up .006% of Chorus' membership. Just a sliver. However, I make up .19% of all posts. If evenly spread, every member would've made about 32 posts, but currently some members have 0 posts, whereas I just hit 1,100. Such an interesting distribution spread. Meanwhile, the busiest poster this side of @Jason Tate has 10 times as many posts as me, meaning that this one single user represents about 2% of all the posting on this site. Crazy. If he were the standard, then Chorus would only have 50 members. Yet we have 17 THOUSAND and counting. Beautiful. Bizarre and unbalanced but still beautiful.
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    6. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Oct 12, 2016
      Revisiting House of Heroes' masterpiece The End is Not the End right now....it's been waaaaay too long. What an incredible, visceral, exciting, melodically rich album. Musicians, make more albums like this!
    7. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Oct 11, 2016
      My activity makes up for .2% of the activity in these forums. That's kinda cool, eh? Also, my newly revised blog is now live! https://oursbyaccident.com !!!
    8. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Oct 11, 2016
      Just hit 1000 posts! Awesome. Yay, Chorus!!
    9. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Oct 10, 2016
      All my music, including a new-ish EP, is free/name-your-price at http://oursbyaccident.bandcamp.com/ --- I've been spending a few months revamping my blog and will have more info on that, plus lots and lots of new posts, coming soon!
    10. Bartek T.
      Bartek T. Sep 27, 2016
      Hey man just listened to that Dr. Manhattan album you'd recommended me to check out some time ago - it's really tight, a bit like Gatsby's, don't know how I missed that before! ;D now I'm about to find some time to listen to that Casey Bates Podcast episode with them I had also skipped ;s
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      3. Bartek T.
        Bartek T.
        Yeah, I also took it as being finished, seeing as he said he just switched it with the new Emarosa because it was just about released or so. Soon we'll have it! ;D
        Sep 28, 2016
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      4. Chase Tremaine
        Chase Tremaine
        @Bartek T. have you listened to the Razia's episode yet??
        Oct 11, 2016
      5. Bartek T.
        Bartek T.
        @Chase Tremaine ohh! No, I've been a bit out of the loop lately, too much work ;d thanks for the info, I'll actually set this up as a priority in my calendar now ;D
        Oct 12, 2016
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    11. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Jun 14, 2016
    12. Chase Tremaine
    13. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine May 26, 2016
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    14. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine May 2, 2016
      I hit 200 likes today! I've earned a nap.
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      2. Chase Tremaine
        Chase Tremaine
        @Dirty Sanchez WOOOOOWWWWWWW. Be careful with your words, sir!!! hahahahah. Also, for old times' sake, DEADBOLT!
        May 26, 2016
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      3. Dirty Sanchez
        Dirty Sanchez
        I'm THRICE FAN on twitter if you didn't already know lol
        May 26, 2016
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      4. Chase Tremaine
        Chase Tremaine
        Whaaaaaa @Dirty Sanchez that's hilarious!! Especially because I almost DIDNT add you!! Hahaha. I was thinking, "this is probably spam, but it's a Thrice fan, so that's awesome"
        May 26, 2016
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    15. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Apr 9, 2016
      A wonderful day of mixing/editing new songs, reviewing a new album, listening to Hiromi albums, drinking coffee, longboarding around my apartment complex, making an extravagant meal, and switching back and forth between 6+ books. YAY BOOKS.
    16. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Apr 1, 2016
      Reluctantly seeing Bat v Super tonight, but otherwise my money has been well-spent today on some D'Addario NYXL guitar strings, CDs by Hiromi, Weezer, and Robbie Fulks, and buying lots of chocolate-related grocery items. #FridayPayDay
    17. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Mar 19, 2016
      Played a show with a new band for the first time last night. Watch the full set youtu.be/4kV9P7swSj8
    18. Chase Tremaine
      Chase Tremaine Mar 18, 2016
      Writing songs for people, places, and things about love, loss, and living.
    19. Jason Tate
      Jason Tate Mar 17, 2016
      Hey! Welcome! Excited you're here to check everything out!
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      3. Jason Tate
        Jason Tate
        LOL. Oh yes. Haha, it's funny because so many of the trophies are really just "Jason's favorite things" because I wanted to get a bunch plugged in and that was the fastest way.
        Mar 17, 2016
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      4. Chase Tremaine
        Chase Tremaine
        I figured as much! After noticing the points for those two shows, I was almost surprised I didn't get points for listing Vheissu as a favorite album! haha

        Which makes me think, should there be another profile category for users' favorite podcasts?
        Mar 18, 2016
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      5. Chase Tremaine
        Chase Tremaine
        Hahahahaha I just won the Sith Lord trophy. Hilarious. Now give me points for The Social Network, GOSHDANGIT!
        Mar 19, 2016
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