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Zac Farro Confirms He’s Drumming on New Paramore Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Zac Farro has confirmed in an interview with Idobi that he’s drumming on the new Paramore album, but at the moment, that’s it.

    They’ve asked me to play drums on their album, on their new album. So [Hayley] put it on their Instagram and put it on their website, and it’s no joke that I’m back just playing drums for them on their album alongside with doing my HalfNoise stuff. That’s it, and that’s literally all it is right now. No one’s really asked cause I’ve kind of deterred the question, but I’m doing HalfNoise – that’s my band. They’ve asked me to drum, and it was like, ‘Yeah, of course!’ We’ve always been friends, and yeah, there was a little bit of weirdness cause I left the band for a few years, but all that stuff is not even there anymore and there’s no hard feelings and it’s just been rad and fun.

  2. LightsOut


    What about aaron?
  3. jorbjorb

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    New album will be sweet
  4. Turntstile


    This was pretty much known but it's nice that it's finally confirmed.
  5. carlosonthedrums

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    He'll probably continue to tour with them. I don't think it was ever in the cards for him to write with them, especially once Underoath got going again.
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  6. personalmaps

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    got my party hat on! can't wait to hear this album. it feels like it's been so long.
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  7. Dirty Sanchez

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    Over 3.5 years :seeno:
  8. Way too excited for new Paramore!
  9. K0ta

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    I am so freaking happy that Zac is drumming for the album. I'll take that if that's all we are going to get of a Farro having anything to do with the band again. Being a Paramore fan has always been worth it, but often a difficult experience these past 10 or so years (speaking of my own experience). I am so excited to see the sound that will come of having Zac's creativity joining up with them again. They have always grown with every album, emotionally, lyrically and musically, so I am unabashedly hyped right now.
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