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YouTube TV

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by chcougar1, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. chcougar1


    Does anyone have this?

    I started a free trial (7 days) today and trying to figure it if it’s worth cutting the cable portion of my Comcast bill for.

    I have 150mbps internet right now and the “cheapest” plan Comcast can offer me is $70/mo for 55mbps. That should still be plenty fast to stream this right?

    It seems like it takes 30 seconds or so for the YouTube tv picture to get anywhere near the crispness of my Comcast signal picture. I guess that would be my only worry....picture not being that clear.

    Anyone have experience using YouTube tv on their actual tv?
  2. chcougar1


    Wow. Really? No one? Lol
  3. Sal Paradise

    Regular Supporter

    I just finished a 7 day trial, as I am cutting the cord from DirecTV. Ended up going with Hulu plus live tv. In the process of increasing my internet speed, so not sure how that will impact things. Currently at 12 Mbps lol. I signed up years ago and never upgraded, and didn't even realize I was that low until I looked into it last week, but it worked fine other than occasional clarity issues as you mentioned

    Ultimately chose Hulu because of the streaming library and it had TNT, TBS, etc for march madness, which actually YouTube got as well as of last week. I did feel that Hulu had an overall clearer picture, but again, super shitty internet so who knows.

    Hope that helps a bit
  4. chcougar1


    It does. Thanks. $40/mo for Hulu live right? Does it have Espn? Other pros/cons between the two?
  5. Sal Paradise

    Regular Supporter

    Pretty comparable, $40 a month. It has ESPN and local fox sports (at least in minneapolis). The only notable channel Hulu is missing that YouTube has is AMC, at least that I've noticed.

    I do like the YouTube tv layout better. The menu is more like a traditional cable guide, and imo is less complicated.

    I honestly liked both and did week long trials of both. Actually the deciding factor was that on one tv we have an Xbox 360, and Hulu has a compatible app... YouTube tv did not
  6. chcougar1


    Thanks yeah. YouTube TVs picture quality just doesn’t seem as good as straight Comcast but I think I will get used to it over time.

    I’m curious if we will ever go over the 1tb data limit Comcast has. The highest we’ve ever gone is 300gb but streaming everything (Netflix, YouTube, and YouTube tv) might put us dangerously close.