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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by angrycandy, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. I can never tell if spooky footage is real, but if I saw this in real life I'd freak tf out.
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  2. I always wanna watch and enjoy the sp00ky ones but my brain knows that next time I’m home alone I’ll be leaving the lights on overnight and shit. Future Trevor will thank me for skipping :crylaugh:

    that speech on the other hand.... whew. I hadn’t heard that before
  3. yeah, I feel like I've seen most every spooky video YouTube has to offer and I'd say a good deal of them are bullshit but there are some that I feel like might not be and I live for that shit, man. this one I'm not too sure about but it's creepy nonetheless

    enjoy it? I could go on and on about how I have the words 'this is water' tattooed on my body and how it saved my life when I first heard it and how I've had every important person in my life listen to it but I just means a whole to me, so I felt compelled to add it to the thread. hope you enjoyed. sounds like you did so yay!!!
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    Years ago my wife (then girlfriend) went out to go feed a buffalo some leftover garlic bread from our dinner the night before... we were living in OK at the time and she, being from Phoenix, had never seen them before... 40K views, somehow.

  5. :crylaugh:

    there's a place near my area that has a few buffalo and it's always awesome to see them, such a majestic animal
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  6. Zach7656


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  8. struttin that ass
    struttin that ass
    struttin that ass
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  19. love your new band, cups
  20. yeah you really know how to put the slap back in slappin!
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    the boat jump is my favorite part lol
  22. I love how he tells them it's faster but then he's the one who can't keep up :crylaugh:
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  23. I've been in a couple bands that were probably worse than that tho
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  24. Borat 2: Vengeance

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    I love describing Goatse as “a man manipulating himself in a strange way”
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