YouTube Executives Ignored Warnings, Letting Toxic Videos Run Rampant

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    Mark Bergen, writing for Bloomberg:

    Wojcicki and her deputies know this. In recent years, scores of people inside YouTube and Google, its owner, raised concerns about the mass of false, incendiary and toxic content that the world’s largest video site surfaced and spread. One employee wanted to flag troubling videos, which fell just short of the hate speech rules, and stop recommending them to viewers. Another wanted to track these videos in a spreadsheet to chart their popularity. A third, fretful of the spread of “alt-right” video bloggers, created an internal vertical that showed just how popular they were. Each time they got the same basic response: Don’t rock the boat.

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    Just the other day I was watching a super smash bros video on youtube because ness is my boy and one of the related videos that i "might like" was "new autopsy photos of marilyn monroe" and of course the thumbnail was her dead body. I cant even go on mainstream websites with out being forced to see corpses.