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YouTube Dominating Streaming Market

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 7, 2019.

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    Mark Mulligan, writing at the Music Industry Blog:

    YouTube is the dominant music streaming platform, with 55% of consumers regularly watching music videos on YouTube, compared to a combined 37% for all free audio streaming services. YouTube usage skews young, peaking at nearly three quarters of consumers under 25. Although YouTube leads audio streaming in all markets — even Spotify’s native Sweden — there are some strong regional variations. For example, emerging streaming markets Brazil and Mexico see much higher YouTube penetration, peaking at close to double the level of even traditional music radio in Mexico. Indeed, radio is feeling the YouTube pinch as much as audio streaming. 68% of those under 45 watch YouTube music videos compared to 41% that listen to music radio. The difference increases with younger audiences and the more emerging the market.

  2. I see people on the subway watching / listening to music on their smartphones on YouTube all the time. I don't get it—do most people have unlimited data? Guess I'm just getting too old.
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  3. Snoblin

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    That's just bizarre. I hate the youtube music app. The only bonus for youtube streaming is songs that aren't on Spotify.
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