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  1. waking season

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    Sam continues to be a highlight. I lost it when he and Shitstain found out Honeynutz is 45.
  2. chewbacca110

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    That whole crew is pure joy.
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  3. waking season

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    The episode Gretchen goes home is so sad
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  4. Serh

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  5. irthesteve

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    totally forgot it was the final season
  6. jordalsh Prestigious

    omg i didn’t notice the hints at honeynutz’s age early in the season lol
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  7. the rural juror

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    Soooo when is this coming back?
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  8. Serh

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  9. I Am Mick

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    Yeah, I was watching this on Hulu last night and when it said "Returning in 2019" I nearly cried. It's just not fall without this show
  10. but Gretchen said she was thinking of a fall wedding! bullshit
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  11. waking season

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    Looks like Ben Folds is coming back this season, Kether Donohue posted a picture of him on her Instagram story.
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  12. this is making me emotional
  13. ghostxvapor

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    Me too!:verysad:
  14. ghostxvapor

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    I can't imagine what the cast and crew are going through. I am thankful this got to season 5
  15. SpyKi

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    I will miss this show dearly.
  16. Shrek

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    Kether Donohue is the interview guest on today’s episode of Paul F. Tompkins’ podcast, Spontaneanation. i choose to view this as closure to all the PFT namedrops in the most recent season of You’re the Worst.
  17. Vivatoto

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    I'm so glad she stuck around for the second half. I have no idea if she's had improv training but she's excellent.
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  18. gonz (Alex)

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    First Spont I've listened to in a little bit. What a great one to come back to
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  19. shea

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  20. jordalsh Prestigious

    I'm not readyyyyyyy
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  22. Serh

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    Very glad we got a date now
  23. chewbacca110

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    I look forward to watching this in on Hulu in a year.
  24. trevorshmevor

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    Will be signing up for Hulu Live specifically for this in January
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  25. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Switched to Hulu Live during the summer and glad I get FX but no longer AMC and Comedy Central :(
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