Young Justice TV Show

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  1. RobbieBerns

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    Animated DC Comics series following the going ons of a young super hero team made up of young heroes and sidekicks. Both seasons are on Netflix.
  2. Henry

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    Deals with some pretty heavy stuff. I wasn't expecting it to cover addiction like it did. The conclusion of that arc felt a little meh, but I dug it.

    Season 2 time for me.
  3. jjnunn118

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    Actually just started this show yesterday, about halfway through Season 1 and I'm really digging it.
  4. ghostedaway

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    Just watched this for the first time like two months ago. Such a great show.
  5. RobbieBerns

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    In the middle of a rewatch now, a few episodes left in season 1. Excited to see what they might do with a possible Season 3.
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    Ayyy this DOES have a thread!
    i could watch the first two seasons of this for ages. I am right now!
    i can't explain how much i need more of Kaldur'ahm and Static Shock/Virgil in my life
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    So excited for this.