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You, Me, and Everyone We Know Open Up About Returning

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 22, 2019.

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    You, Me, and Everyone We Know talked with Alt. Press about getting the band going again:

    After the concussion, I couldn’t work for two to three months. No matter how much I reduced my workload, I basically had to lay in a dark room and let my brain heal. At the same time, I started seeing a trauma therapist who diagnosed me with what is essentially two steps away from multiple personality disorder. We don’t have to get into the science of that, but while all that was unfolding, I read this book by Pete Holmes called Comedy Sex God. It was something I picked up intending to enjoy casually, but there was something in it that flicked a switch on for me that lead to a pretty radical spiritual awakening. I found a sudden, deep and very lasting peace with my place in the universe. I came to terms with my past and my theoretical future. Through all of the reading and contemplation, not to mention the therapy, my PTSD symptoms started to subside. I haven’t had flashbacks or anything, which is surprising to me.

    Anyway, after that happened, I started to feel like an antenna. Whatever I was trying to tune into became clearer, and that is when I started writing again.

  2. Jared Luttrell


    The entire interview is well worth the read. Really glad to see Ben recovering and the level headed realistic path they are taking with this reunion. I'll take any new music I can get but will gladly support the bands health.
  3. HarrisonMonopoly


    good read. glad to see he's done a bit of growing. I question the sincerity of it all, but I think that comes with the territory of a guy in his position. I do like his logical approach to being in a band. being in a full time band, more likely than not is not worth it. at 35, whether you're married with kids or not, you just don't want to be living 'that' life of desperately trying to make it if you don't have to be.
  4. sammyboy516

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    I am so happy he’s happier, healthier, and doing music again. His lyrics are so good. I’ve always loved bands who make absurdly wordy lyrics insanely catchy. This band, Against Me!, Motion City, Say Anything, etc.
  5. Dan O'Neill


    This interview was great, and I’m glad to see Ben is in a better head space these days.

    And I’m also glad to see they added a second date, because their first upcoming show sold out too damn fast. Can’t wait! :)
  6. battlingaheavyheart

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    I have always been the biggest YMAEWK fan and was devastated both times they broke up. I'm sorry to hear about the struggles Ben has faced and glad to hear he's doing better. However, at this point, I cannot continue to support this band, as Ben has upheld extremely shady business practices in the past and has scammed me out of money when I was younger and naïve enough to trust the lead singer of my favourite band. Lesson learned.
  7. benliebsch

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    I am in a better position to make this right now. Ive made a bad habit in the past of committing to more than i was capable of delivering and that’s something i just have to own. Moving forward, there are measures in place to make sure that doesn’t happen. At the very least i’d like to refund you for what you didnt receive. Shoot me a message and we’ll take care of it today.
  8. Ben Lee

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    @benliebsch, which lineup is this featuring? Is this the Some Things Dont Wash Out crew?

    Also a sidenote: I went for a run last night to Some Things Dont Wash Out and what a fucking record to run to.
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  9. benliebsch

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    The gentleman that played with me in 2015 or so are back in action, but ive been the primary songwriter since the band’s inception.

    STDWO is good for that tension. I’m glad youre still listening.
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  10. So happy Ben is in a better place. The first two EPs were easy standouts when I look back at music I listened to when I was younger. Always been rooting for Ben as someone who has been sober for 5 years and understands the struggle. Ben you have a ton of people that are on your side, we are all so happy to have you back and creating music.
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  11. battlingaheavyheart

    searching for a former clarity

    Thanks again for correcting this issue. Looking forward to future music!
  12. Mr. Serotonin

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    Well, that was cool.
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