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Yoga Hosers (Kevin Smith//September 2, 2016) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Aaron Mook, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Starting a thread for this because I'm going to the premiere party tonight, despite the fact that it looks kind of terrible. But I enjoyed Tusk, so who knows.
  2. Joel

    Trusted Prestigious

    It looks great, hope he goes totally off the rails like he did with Tusk. Truly think that was one of the better B experiences I've had in some time
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  3. TedSchmosby


    I don't think it looks great at all, but I've enjoyed every Kevin Smith film bar Cop Out, so I'm excited to see this. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it, Aaron!
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  4. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    I loved Tusk until Johnny Depp showed up, movie took a complete turn for the worst.

    This looks like a shitty version of Scott Pilgrim, no interest unfortunately.
  5. Aaron Mook Aug 30, 2016
    (Last edited: Aug 30, 2016) as someone who enjoys most of Kevin Smith's films and really appreciated Tusk, I kind of shamelessly loved this.

    In the screener preceding it, Kevin explained that this is essentially a kid's (read: teen's) midnight movie, and while I understand why this wouldn't be everyone's bag, I think that's a perfect way to look at it. It's got a completely different tone than Tusk, which again, I really enjoyed, but this honed in on that film's weaknesses (primarily, it's monologues) and did replaced them quips upon quips about Canada and dialogue that kept the movie moving at a much steadier and upbeat pace. This is basically a comedy/adventure film with horror elements, and as such, it's executed about as well as a movie about two teen girls fighting mini-nazi bratwursts could be.

    The girls have really great chemistry, the writing is absurd, and the direction is loose. I'm not too sure what else there is too say about it; I laughed and caught myself grinning a lot. The cameos and references were ridiculous. Surprisingly, I think I enjoyed this even more than Tusk (which may be a low bar for some), and it's quite a(n unsurprising) bummer about the way it's being received.

    But to put it in perspective, I thought Suicide Squad was a bad movie that was still kind of fun to watch. I think this is a good movie that's at least 50x more fun.

    So, yeah. I recommend it.
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  6. Tim

    whatever happened to the man of tomorrow Prestigious

    I don't actively follow Kevin Smith and never have, and I've never seen any of his films in theaters, but I've been bizarrely intrigued by this since I heard about it. So, I watched it tonight. And, I had a lot of fun with it. The cameos and gags and chemistry... Everyone involved clearly had a blast, and so did the others in the theater with me, and so did I.
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  7. TedSchmosby


    This is interesting to me, because I thought the monologues in Tusk were some of the richer moments, whereas the punchlines (?) in the trailer for this really put me off ("a neenior narny?!?"), and the Canada jokes didn't seem like anything that hasn't been done before - even by Smith himself. Is it more of that, or is the trailer deceiving in that sense? It does still look fun, but these things worry me.

    Also, how was Mewes's cameo?
  8. I think the tone of that film makes sense, because it's more of an R-rated horror film with comedic elements, but while it's monologues are certainly well-written, they tend to drag on a bit and hold up the film's pace. This is definitely more of the "punchlines," but to be fair, I thought the trailer was terrible/cringey and found the film to be much less so for some reason. Mewes' cameo wasn't anything special, haha.
  9. Tim

    whatever happened to the man of tomorrow Prestigious

    My favorite cameos were both Batman related, lol. Kevin Conroy with a kid he called Robin and the voice of Adam West (confusing the Colleens, who then repeatedly said "Where's the trigger?") both got me so good.
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  10. TedSchmosby


    So Clerks 3 and Mall(b)rats (2) are dead, and a new Jay and Bob movie is supposedly next in the Askewniverse. I'm kind of bummed. Clerks 3 has been my most anticipated movie for years, and while I love Mewes and am excited at the idea of seeing him in a big role again, I think a Jay and Bob continuation is the most likely of the Askewniversw films to lend itself to something Yoga Hosers-esque. Still, if it ever comes out (I'm beginning to learn not to count Smith's eggs before they hatch) I'll be there opening night
  11. I Am Mick

    @gravebug Prestigious

    Kevin needs to stop announcing projects WELL BEFORE they're official. I was excited for the Mallrats sequel before he decided it'll focus on his daughter with the original cast acting as background characters. I was excited for Clerks 3 (even though I didn't love Clerks 2). I was excited for Hit Somebody even though it didn't happen (I'm guessing Goon deflated that, and is likely way better than Hit Somebody would've been). I was interested in Moose Jaws (No idea where that stands now). It's well established the dude loves talking, but I really wish he'd actually lock down a project before talking about it.

    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is my least favorite of his movies, and the sequel sounding identical (ironically) doesn't get me too excited. But it's probably not going to happen anyway, so whatever.
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  12. oldjersey

    Pro Podcaster Supporter

    So bummed there won't be a Clerks 3. I wonder which leading role backed out.
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  13. TedSchmosby


    I would think it was Jeff, given how reluctant he was to be in Clerks 2 and other projects.
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