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  1. phaynes12

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    ugh that sucks
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  3. SoundscapeMN


    also RUBICON, a show I really loved.

    she sounds like a big fan which may help.
  4. flask


    Cannot believe how long we've been hearing about this. Still remember when this was a movie with Shia Labeouf rumored lol.
  5. SoundscapeMN


    yeah that was a bullet dodged.

    I always felt 1 of the best choices to play Yorick would have been James Roday from Psych. The witty sarcastic humor and pop-culture referencing dialogue could have worked really well with him.
  6. Henry

    No one is ready for ASUKA Moderator

    its basically in competition with Akira
  7. williek311

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    Or like Spike Jonze
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