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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Shrek, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Steve_JustAGuy


    Quality human beings only in the XFL.
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  2. Nick

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    Jey Uso currently sweating from his eyeballs
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  3. delvec19


    No WWE crossover.
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  4. tucah

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    lol this last guy
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  5. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Everything about this was ridiculous. He had no answers, just a “we’ll figure it out.”

    Here’s a summary for those who didn’t watch.

    Vince: football reimagined!
    Question: How is it reimagined?
    Vince: We have 2 years to figure it out!
    Question: do you have any idea?
    Vince: no half time!
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  6. Fucking Dustin

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    If he wanted to make up a sports league as he goes he could just be a ref in the NFL
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  7. I just wanna hear the team names so I can be first to make the biggest unofficial IG pages for all of them.
  8. wordzanddreamz

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    2020 because 100% teams in LA and Vegas. I will watch a game in Vegas for sure.
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  9. Shrek

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    holy shit :crylaugh:
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  10. Shrek

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    i mean, it's dumb. the national anthem thing is dumb. the "no social issues" thing is thinly veiled.

    that said i can't grandstand and say i won't support it... i'm a life long fan of the cash machine that funded Linda's senate runs and put Trump in their "hall of fame".
  11. TerrancePryor

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  12. I just fear it's gonna be the same as last time ratings wise. XFL put up monster ratings the first 2 weeks and then they plummeted after that. I don't see why that wouldn't happen this time unless SOMEHOW the quality of play is good, which would be shocking. I get that there will be different platforms and different ways for them to gauge how many viewers there are. But I feel like the same pattern will happen.
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  13. domotime2

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    in a way i think this is a great time to try again.... but yeah long term sustainability is the big question here.
  14. Shrek

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    if nothing else, the production values on this thing are going to bonkers
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  15. clucky

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    Why do you fear this? Trump's racist football league blowing up in his face is the best possible outcome (Well second best. Best possible outcome would be if this generates enough investor backlash from the WWE to force Vince out of there too).
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  16. I mean I get/appreciate your sentiment, but you're taking this to a whole new level then how I'm looking at it.
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  17. Ruethless

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    Will the XFL be the first 30 for 30 to get a sequel? Because this'll totally be a great 30 for 30 in 20 years
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  18. CarpetElf

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    I cannot wait to watch this blow up haha. This is gonna be great.
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  19. Shrek

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    nope, Ric Flair will get one chronicling his recovery all the way to age 146
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  20. M.Lee

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    Funniest thing to me was how he kept repeating all that stuff about listening to what the fans want
  21. Fucking Dustin

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    Didn't "The U" get a sequel? Or was it just 2 parts?
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  23. Montauk1222

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    No gimmicks!

    White nationalist gimmick
    We don’t hire cons gimmick
    Forgets he himself is a gimmick
  24. Ruethless

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    Ah, I didn't know that, I don't watch many of the 30 for 30s

    Shut up, nerd
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  25. M.Lee

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    any time somebody in wrestling says they have a 'major announcement', its always going to fuckin fall flat. - kevin nash
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