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    This old Jerry springer looking dude calling plays for Dallas seems miserable as fuck.
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    was in attendance for the roughnecks season opener in houston (black shirt/orange hat). i've been to several texans game and i didn't have as much fun as i did on saturday. all of us in the endzone chanting 'go for 3' after every houston touchdown. cool points for the wildcat receiver that broke out the randy orton pose after both of his touchdowns. 200's level was opened up day of the game due to ticket demand. had they played at bbva stadium (soccer pitch for the houston dynamo), the place could have looked sold out (like the dc game played on the pitch where dc united play).best part: free shirt for being there early.

    my friend bought season tickets for 100$ a seat and that price is locked for 3 seasons. i left the game tryin to convince myself to get season tix for the remaining 4 games. no lie tho... that first half after the first roughneck touchdown, felt like i was at a texans game. by the third quarter, soneone blew up a beach ball and that was a wrap: sealed the vibe for me. i HAVE to be at each game now. at one point we had done a perfect wave: perfect cause the skycam circled the entire field to capture it all. such an awesome experience. a free light rail ride away from my friends' apt near sigma brewery. hell. yes.
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    I’m here for the XFL to be the meme league that everyone loves
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    keep us there, keep us there

    Lol damn
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    keep us there, keep us there

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    Landry Jones babbbbby
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    So is DC like the only good team?
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    (Feel free to mock me when they get destroyed in a little bit)
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    This game got interesting quick!
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    I really like the extra point and kickoff rules.
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    keep us there, keep us there

    Dallas Renegades are about to take this league by storm.
  15. Have a feeling ratings are gonna take a steep drop this week
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