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  1. Davjs


    Don't torture yourself @Tim! At least this Xmen has the amaizng Michael Fassbender having some good dramaic moments and quicksilver saving pizza dog.
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  2. awakeohsleeper

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    The underlying flaw of the Quicksilver scene was that it was clearly written in due to the success of the scene from the previous film. Did not enjoy that bit at all.
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  3. Davjs


    It was super obvious that was the reason it was in there, but it was still really well done and a lot of fun.
  4. awakeohsleeper

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    See, I didn't think this one was well done. The first one was great - I loved the novelty of it. Unfortunately for me, the second was overblown and I didn't think it was great.
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  5. stayillogical

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    Why is this so bad and why is it so long? Just getting around to watching it on HBO. It's bordering DC levels of bad.
  6. Transient_Hymn

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    It is so fucking bad on all levels.
    It gets almost everything wrong.

    People thought the choking mystique poster was bad. The movie is far more offensive
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  7. Serh

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