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  1. enlliac

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    And what has Goldberg even done to deserve the title match? He wasn't even the last Raw guy to get eliminated
  2. According to this thread the plan is for both things to happen. Goldberg wins the title. Then fights Brock at WM.
  3. enlliac

    The Real Azor Ahai

    I know, more of what I'm saying that is what are the chances that they realize that it's a terrible idea and call an audible
  4. I mean, it's possible. They've done it before.
  5. DeviantRogue

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    CM Punk has never been more right.

    probably sipping some tea in a dojo at WWE booking.
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  6. llllllllllllllll


    So does Goldberg/Brock main event or Orton/Wyatt? Cause I doubt they'd go with the latter
  7. they'll troll us and have taker-reigns go last
  8. Shaq/Show
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  9. tucah

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    the rock vs the crowd's attention span
  10. ghostedaway

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    Cena/Joe/AJ would be a much better match.
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  11. Drew Beringer

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    I'm actually all for Goldberg and Lesner fighting for the universal belt - It'll give the title some legitimacy

    Plus the long term plan is probably for Lesner to win the belt at mania and then have Balor beat him for the belt at like summer slam
  12. jmwhit04

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    Hahahah I remember in the main thread about a month ago I suggested that three way for WM and a few people said they were kinda tired of triple threats at WM lol. Now it's all we want.

    I'm kinda glad I went right to bed after last night, I was ready to take a long walk at night if Roman won. Kinda glad I won't be able to watch tonight. Maybe Joe will run rampant tomorrow night.
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  13. M.Lee

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    as soon as Goldberg said "I've got one more title run left in me" however many months ago, that spoiled he'd be getting the belt at some point and his WM match with Brock would be for the title. WOR said that before the Rumble then re-confirmed it afterwards. It's happening.

    HHH/Seth might end up being the best match on the card and that feels so weird to say
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  14. Cedric/Neville pls
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  15. preppyak

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    After watching KO complain about the GM being unfair, it clicked for me how Smackdown is gonna book Shane/AJ.

    AJ is gonna come out and demand a rematch. Shane/Bryan will say he gets his rematch, in the elimination chamber. AJ will be pissed saying its unfair (which is true). When he loses, he'll demand it again, and when Shane/Bryan tell him he had his shot, he'll snap and attack them. I'd love it if he Styles Clash'd Daniel, but more likely he'll attack him, Shane will come out to save and eat the Clash.

    AJ as a clear heel, even if he was treated unfairly, and the set-up for Shane to defend his show and GM in some spot fest of a match
  16. Swoos Jan 30, 2017
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    Yeah that's about how it'll go.

    I'm glad they've at least started to make AJ a strong heel rather than book him as a slimy cheater. It sucks when the other major heels (KO, Miz, Jericho) never get clean wins in big matches. It degrades their credibility and they never really look strong. I get they're the bad guys and that kind of stuff is gonna happen but I'd like them to be intimidating as well.

    Like, how hard is it to create a heel through storytelling and not just cheap cheating tactics at the end of a match?
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  17. preppyak

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    Also, with Joe/Seth likely for Fastlane, how great would it be for Finn to return to save Seth from a HHH/Joe beatdown. Sets up HHH/Seth and Joe/Balor at WM.
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  18. clucky

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    I don't want Joe/Finn again so soon.
  19. AJ as GM/agent who sometimes wrestles sounds delightful.
  20. jmwhit04

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    Meltzer says Cena's WM sounds like it could be Baron Corbin.

    Shane/AJ is not set in stone for WM

    Taker is legit hurt
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  21. Roman vs. CM Punk. Callin it.
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  22. Shrek

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    I'm down for Cena/Corbin. Corbin has really blown away expectations for many, and while I don't think he will or should go over, the rub will be big for him. Could see Taker being put in some kind of tag just so they can still advertise him. That leaves Reigns hanging for sure, though. No way there's enough mileage with a Strowman feud to go til Mania.
  23. Joe4th

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    That would be huge for Corbin. They see a lot in him, and if he gets better on the mic and continues to improve in the ring, sky's the limit for him honestly.

    The Taker thing is weird. He really shouldn't be wrestling anymore, it's clear that he's not what he used to be. Maybe they drag out Strowman/Reigns
  24. preppyak

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    Sounds like Ziggler is also a possibility, which would be a GIANT wet fart. Corbin would be cool if they let him hang on Cenas level in a 15+ minute match. Heck, even a repeat of their Smackdown match wouldnt be the end of the world.

    And a heel-ish win (low blow, grabbing tights) would be incredible
  25. I kind of feel like Corbin/Cena ending in DQ with Corbin destroying Cena at the end would do wonders for Corbin.
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