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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. ghostedaway

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    According to Meltzer, Riddle was originally going to face Cole at Takeover Toronto. With the taping spoilers, it's obviously Cole/Gargano III now.
  2. Nick

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    Gargano probably going up then. Shame.
  3. preppyak

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    This is good in multiple ways. One, yeah Gargano is going main roster...but Ciampa is ahead of schedule and could be back by Rumble time. They can easily trot out DIY or a feud between them on the main roster to keep Johnny from completely dying.

    And Riddle on the main roster would be such a waste. He could be there with Dream and Cole as being the NXT core for years and never have to be wasted by Vince.
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  4. Shrek

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    Riddle/Dain is gonna rule
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  5. Lars is out 6-8 months
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  6. ghostedaway

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    Should be a good match if it's true, unless Cesaro gets squashed lol
  7. Shrek

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    fully expecting Orton
  8. ghostedaway

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    Probably just gonna be R-Truth looking for a place to hide
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  9. Shrek

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    would be phenomenal
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  10. preppyak

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    Cesaro was working Main Event...

    But no, Cesaro is probably gonna be the Ohno of the main roster for these NXT guys. He works Ricochet til he gets his push. He works with Black til he's ready for a US title shot or something. Likewise for Gargano or whoever comes up after Toronto. And in lulls, he can beat the jobber squad like Crews or Mojo or others so he isnt always losing on TV
  11. PeacefulOrca

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    Idk what's up with Cesaro but he's been pretty bad lately
  12. Henry

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  13. LuigiPeppercorn

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    lmao they have the fuckin tents

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  14. preppyak

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  15. Sooooooo then we can dream book a Kofi/Big E unifying title match on the premiere of smackdown on fox? Right?
  16. PeacefulOrca

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    Wait, is raw taped tonight? Or did they leak that by accident?
  17. PauLo

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    *New Era, same old shit klaxon*
  18. EntryLevelDave

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  19. Drew Beringer

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    Cool so Brock can squash Big E - awesome
  20. preppyak

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    off reddit...but looks like a really poorly worded youtube video