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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Nick

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    I really really like Shayna but FUCK she needs to drop that belt.
  2. preppyak

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    This is the real problem, especially on the back-end of Asuka's reign. Ember losing her feud made sense as she moved up...but Kairi should have won and kept the belt. Problem they have is they have no other heel champ. Bianca showed she isnt ready, and wasnt even really a heel. Aliyah/Borne are jokes. They basically had to turn Io to even create a credible heel. But they could have had Io do the Sami-KO route, rather than Shayna win multiple matches over both.

    In retrospect, they should have left either Riott Squad or Absolution in NXT to carry the division for another year.
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  3. PeacefulOrca

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    Part of me thinks maybe they're actually afraid they're going to have so much women's talent they won't know what to do with it so they're stagnating their growth
  4. M.Lee

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    I feel the opposite. The loss of Sasha to the indies/bahamas/aew and Asuka to dumbassery has really left a big hole. Naomi is probably the #2 woman on Raw. That is not good. Oh, and she barely makes the show.

    They have a bunch of girls that were called up way too early (Dana, Liv, Sonya) that could maybe be at the right level one day, but they just aren't ever gonna get the reps they need.
  5. PeacefulOrca

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    Idk, they can't use them on the "wrestlemania level" event lol
  6. devenstonow


    Dain returns to beat down Riddle
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  7. I'm excited for Dain to do shit again
  8. devenstonow


    Apollo Crews vs Kushida
  9. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Tapings are wild
  10. devenstonow


    ACH in finals of tourney.
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  11. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Can't wait for the finals to end in a draw and they get a tag title shot out if it
  12. devenstonow


    Keith Lee vs Punishment

    Possibly Dream vs Roddy vs Dunne for NA title. 4-way with Swerve is what I want.

    EDIT: wtf he lost to Trevor Lee. Then I guess the three of them vs Lee
  13. Swerve just got there so I'm not worried for him yet haha
  14. devenstonow


    Punishment went over Keith Lee.

    Fuck everything.

    It's a new era of NXT
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  16. devenstonow


    And Trevor Lee in the finals
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  17. devenstonow


    Takeover has:

    Street Profits vs Fish and KOR

    Probably Riddle vs Dain (meh)

    Io vs Candice

    Shayna Baszler vs. MIA FUCKING YIM
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  18. devenstonow Jun 13, 2019
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    I'm worried she'll just be another victim, but I'm so fucking hyped for a big Mia Yim match
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  19. shea

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    Fuck yeah for Candice finally on a Takeover
  20. preppyak

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  21. preppyak

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    With Roddy/Dream/Dunne and Johnny/Cole looking likely, Im betting one of those isnt a takeover feud. My money would actually be Candice/Io, if they havent actually made it official for Takeover. They'll tape like 3 dark matches before, and I could see Candice/Io being a feud that becomes #1 contender in the WarGames build, and Breezango/Forgotten Sons being another TV after Toronto build.

    They havent done 6 matches or multiple womens matches on a takeover card since Takeover:London I believe.

    edit: And if the finals of the Breakout are on the Toronto card too, then I'd bet Riddle/Dain doesnt make it.
  22. preppyak

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    Also, based on that, I'd bet we get this going forward

    Dream losing the NA title and going for the main title (or getting called up)

    Gargano losing to Cole and moving main roster

    ACH/Stokely getting hot-shotted to the NA title scene

    And my god, the mid-card of NXT is so stacked. Keith Lee is like 3 rungs below the top...
  23. Drew Beringer

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    So glad Fandango from wrestling is back
  24. Nick

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    I hope Strong wins, I really do. He deserves it.
  25. TUE should have all the titles
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