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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. PeacefulOrca

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    I knew someone would say this lol maybe
  2. PauLo

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    I mean, maybe not tonight, but he'll be there before they go to Fox. Probably. Maybe.
  3. Dunne is rumored for an actual main roster call up
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  4. Drew Beringer

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    as he should - he has nothing left to prove on NXT UK
  5. Gotta be rough to relocate outside of the country.
  6. ghostedaway

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    Hope he does big things
  7. devenstonow


    NXT tonight.

    Murphy vs Dream for NA title.

    Kairi vs Shayna for women's title, if she loses Kairi can't challenge for the title again
  8. Buddy vs Dream is gonna be sooooo good.

    Loser of Kairi/Shayna going up?
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  9. ghostedaway

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    Apparently at the taping Cole blames Roddy for losing but they all end up attacking Gargano
  10. tucah

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    Io attacks Shayna, causing a DQ loss for Kairi. She gets an ovation and farewell, so see ya Monday/Tuesday Kairi.
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  11. ghostedaway

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  12. Maybe we get Kairi and Candice?
  13. Joe4th

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    Get Kairi into main event status in preparation for her pirate ship Mania entrance
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  14. ghostedaway

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    Paige did mention an impressive tag team coming next week so maybe it really will be Kairi and Io
  15. Riddle pushed into that main event scene.

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  16. EntryLevelDave

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    The revival retweeted me and my Twitter is blowing up

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  18. tucah

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    tapings over

    so, i guess the direction so far seems like:

    gargano vs riddle
    dream vs dijakovic
    cole vs roddy
    shayna vs io
  19. Shrek

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    the real highlight of these tapings is Candice and Kacy teaming
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  20. The sooner Io gets the title, the better. Hopefully its the June Takeover.
  21. ghostedaway

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    Roddy and Cole will kill it like they always do but man I was hoping they'd get called up together
  22. Oddpac87

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    As great as they are together, it's nice that none of TUE really need each other to be a success. If Roddy being on his own again means we end up getting PWG champ era dickhead Roddy then I'm 1000% for it.
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  23. Shrek

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    i kinda defaulted to Roddy getting the face push out of this because the whole bit started with Cole blaming Strong for his Takeover loss but it could really go either way. i think TUE continues on as a three piece with either Cole or Strong at the helm, but i’m not sure which i see in that spot. a match where the loser gets excommunicated from the group would be a lot of fun if not a little melodramatic - the thought of Kyle O’Reilly’s reactions at ringside as he watches his parents fight for custody of him makes me want it real bad lol
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  24. devenstonow


    Looks like a fucking superstar, and I'm so ready. I can't wait for this push
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  25. Shrek

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    the issue with NXT’s framework of signing a hot new guy every two months is they all come in as faces to capitalize on indie hype and the roster is flooded with faces. they gotta swerve now and then and bring in some of these free agents as heels
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