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  1. I usually only make it through about a third of WOR
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    I hope meltz is right about something for once
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  7. Batista is back in talks for Mania
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    super shitty timing for the guy, but hopefully he can still get a spot on mania. would be great if theyre planning on doing a multi man ladder match this year
  10. and in talks with AEW too
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    Feels like the US title is custom made for that this year, with how irrelevant its been. Let Truth carry it into WM.

    Truth, Rey, Andrade, Ali, Rusev, Nak...thats a solid match that they can add a newcomer to (EC3 maybe?)

    I honestly have no idea who he'd put over. Unless its a Braun match...

    With their almost surely being 13-14 matches again, Id rather see something using current superstars.
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    I'm so glad I live on the west coast right now because my body cannot handle another 10 hour long Mania haha
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    It’s one thing to be sitting there live for a 8 hour mania but how the hell can I justify watching tv for that long
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    I mean, at least watching on tv you can walk away for a bit and do whatever
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  16. Is that what the kids are calling it these days
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    Don't really know the source or anything, but Brian Zane did a stream today and was talking about rumors of Harper replacing Ali
  18. Dave mentioned a lot of names. He said Harper is cleared and in the building tonight, but doesn't know what capacity. Harper could be a cool insert there.
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    Would be fun if Harper came back as a face but at some point in EC joined Bryan and helped him win
  20. Lars is becoming a Scientologist
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    ciampa, ricochet, gargano, and aleister black all reportedly gonna be at/on RAW tonight
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    "Dave says that he’s been told that Bryan’s opponent for WM is someone who is being brought back, not someone who has been around recently. So possibly Sami, Kevin, Wyatt or someone like that. He speculates that it might be Owens given that the gimmick Owens is running in his vignettes is that he’s playing the everyman in his promos and Bryan is against that."
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    Wow, that's too good to be true
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    Also plz don't be bray lol