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  1. Shrek

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    fair but he isn’t like a household name or anything so i could see them using his departure on tv to get heat on him putting someone over on the way out idk
  2. Taketimeandfind


    Yeah it wasn’t a double finish because the match was happening at a Takeover. It was a post match promo and I think it was filmed twice, once with the belt and once without
  3. Joe4th

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    Feels like they did this so Johnny has a reason to still have the belt at the Sunday halftime show thing
  4. Nick

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    Idk I think we would have heard about it before tapings. Could be a repackage or something.

    Or it could be him transitioning backstage full time. He works as a trainer, doesn't he?
  5. I really hope they shot two finishes so nobody knows which is the true result. That's incredibly clever of them to do.
  6. preppyak

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    Elim Chamber teams. Carmella/Naomi is a weird team

  7. tucah

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    they both like to dance, i guess?
  8. Nick

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    Nia / Tamina and Bayley / Sasha will be the final two teams won't they.
  9. PeacefulOrca

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    It was definitely gonna be Naomi and asuka until the Becky storyline changed
  10. Looking like Taker is done with WWE at the moment. Took off his WWE stuff off his social media and apparently is taking other bookings according to based meltz daddy
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  11. Oddpac87

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    Thanks for the update, Dan.
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  12. I hope you choke on your dinner tonight, Mark
  13. AND DIE
  14. Forgot that part
  15. I'm always interested to see what parts of observer radio Dan picks out.
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  16. Join the fanclub bro
  17. devenstonow


    it's not news, he never had WWE stuff on his social media profile.

    but apparently he's doing his first shoot interview in a few months which will be awesome
  18. It's still news if he is taking bookings and not planned to have a Mania match OKAY>!?
  19. You can time Dan's posts using Dave's timestamps.

    1:30 - 7:11: Undertaker, WWE returning to Saudi Arabia
    7:11 - 12:18: WWE, WCW popularity
    12:18 - 13:28: Sasha Banks update
    13:28 - 15:01: Enes Kanter/Dana Brooke/WWE
    15:01 - 19:07: Ratings
    19:07 - 21:36: Jimmy Havoc, Road to Double or Nothing
    21:36 - 34:14: SmackDown
    34:14 - 37:51: Fighting with my Family
    37:51 - 41:45: ESPN+ numbers.
    41:45 - 45:00: Katsuya Kitamura
    45:00 - 49:56: Crockett Cup
    50:10 - 54:44: CMLL tournament, more on ESPN
    54:44 - 55:10: El Phantasmo
    55:10 - 56:09: MLW update
    56:09 - 57:06: PWG tickets
    57:06 - 1:04:05: Bret Hart to Starrcast, F4W plans for Vegas
    1:04:05 - 1:05:27: All Japan/Giant Baba card update
    1:05:27 - end: F4W Mania weekend plans
  20. Joe4th

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    Literally the only bookings he’s taking is appearances/interviews tho
  21. LuigiPeppercorn

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    or you can just look at the top post on reddit
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  22. He's probably the main hall of fame guy this year, so it all makes sense.
  23. devenstonow


    i don't agree with this. All reports say WWE kinda doesn't give a shit about it this year, ie them switching it with Takeover so it doesn't interfere with ROH/NJPW. Is Bam Bam big enough to headline, specifically in a year where they allegedly don't care all too much?

    Weren't there reports that they wanted The Rock this year and that it was pretty much up to him/his people whether this would be his year?
  24. Oddpac87

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  25. Lol yep. Although they did open WOR with it last night.