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    from the Observer:

    Shane Strickland is basically in the same situation as Ricochet in regards to coming to WWE; his MLW contract has an out, but he's still stuck because of his Lucha Underground contract.

    WWE and AAA had interest in Marko (before the injury).

    Jonah Rock is a part of the January PC class with Trevor Lee and ACH

    Kushida, Karen Q, and Rachel Elllering all being courted by WWE

    Queen of the Ring possible for the second all-women's PPV

    WWE UK deal strictness kept Walter from doing any offense on Meiko, and a big reason for no "man on woman" violence is their deal with Mattell
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    Kushida will be straight to 205live midcard and he's better than that. Surprised Rachel Ellering hasn't been signed already.
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    Kushida in WWE would bum me out
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    Yes please.
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    I don’t get why they changed it yet still mention who her dad is
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    iirc it was enraging to me that JR kept mentioning him during MYC1, but made zero reference to the fact that he was currently on NXT at the time