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    Yeah I'll take a look at older stuff I've done
  2. Garrett L.

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    I finally broke through on a chapter that’s plagued me for three years.
  3. Garrett L.

    Carole Baskin fed her husband to a tiger. Moderator

    which led to me finishing the entire revision today. wow. what a weekend.
  4. OotyPa


    That's an excellent feeling. So jealous.

    A few weeks ago, I got some really good but tough criticism which made me rethink the story I'm currently working on. It's put a stop on my progress since... which sucks but has allowed me to organize my thoughts more, which I probably needed to do anyway. I only have 6 or 7 pages so far and I'm intimidated to start writing again. For whatever reason, it's always extremely challenging for me to create plots. My premises always formulate in very abstract ways. For example, I began this story mainly as an experiment with multiple POV's in one small family. Each chapter would follow a different family member, differing the syntax to evoke a particular personality/life perspective. I had this vague idea that the theme should focus on faith and inner spirituality and how it affects POV, and I'd somehow make that come through in the writing. I'd give myself a week timeline for the story to unfold. I keep asking myself "What would these characters do that would set forth a divine-tinged climactic event in one week's time?" and the narrative would follow--conceptualizing after crafting these complex characters. It's slowly formulating in my head, but like... really slowly. I'm wondering if I set myself too many expectations or rules.
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    I’ve spent almost fifteen years coming to terms with a dirty, disgusting, no good first draft is better than getting too caught up in my head on the front end. Think this may be happening to you, here.

    but my main thought is—a big event is what would trigger that in a family. Death. Baby. Wedding. Etc. if you haven’t nailed down the central event causing this, that may help.
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    Finishing up the second draft of my first short story for this writing class I've been taking. I've really enjoyed the process! It's fun to have a creative project to work on in my spare time.

    It's technically the final draft for the class, but I have no doubt I'll continue to make larger edits after I've submitted it and finished the course. It's getting closer to where I want it though. Either way, it's crazy to see something I had the tiniest nugget of an idea for suddenly be 14 pages long.
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    friendly reminder while everyone has a bit more writing time that submissions are still open and are due in about 3 weeks!
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    Hi guys, been pushing for submissions a lot in this thread lately to little attention. Let me be extremely clear, your chances of being accepted and published are extremely high. As the head fiction editor, I can assure that.

    With that said, our deadline is April 9th. We usually charge $3 for submissions but we've opened up a free submission window for 50 people. It's first-come-first-serve, so submit now to claim that freebie.

    Toho Journal - Spring 2020—PROSE/POETRY (Fee Waiver)
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    Anyone writing through the quarantine? I've been working on a lot of poetry, none of them about what's going on lol.

    Also pushing y'all to submit again. The free link is above. Would really love to read some of you guys' work :) would love even more to possibly feature you in a published journal.
  10. Garrett L.

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    I've written two poems during it. One about COVID-19 and the other about my body dysmorphia.

    I just don't have anything on the duality theme or I would submit.
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    Most of the editors are pretty openminded and willing to stretch on theme if the writing itself is good, in case you change your mind!
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    about to hit 100K words on my book. About a third of the way done!
  13. Philll


    No idea whether I'll just get laughed out of the thread for this, but I've started writing a blog about Incubus, going track by track through their catalogue. I've never done any kind of blogging or music writing, but it felt like a fun project to have a go at. I've got no ambition for it beyond my own amusement, but I've been really enjoying the process of writing and would love to get better at it. If anybody felt they wanted to give a bit of feedback or some pointers I would be super grateful. The posts are only short 500 word jobs.


    Anybody else here write any music blogs I could check out?
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