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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by WordsfromaSong, Apr 7, 2016.

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  2. OotyPa Jul 3, 2019
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    Wrote a new poem for the first time since February and it feels fucking great. It was tough transitioning from writing prose for my story, but I actually think this poem isn't bad. I spent a few days working on it. Feel free to check it out, y'all. Let me know what you think. If you wanna check out the rest of the blog too, feel free.

    To Hold Every Flying and Falling
  3. StormAndTheSun

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    A couple weeks ago, I finished my first book. A few people close to me are reading it now, then I plan to take their edits and start sending it out to writing agents and what not. Currently, Im still kind of burnt out by it and kind of hate it, but I think that'll go away in a couple weeks, haha. Feels cool to have something done, though.
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  4. aoftbsten

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    I’m signing up for a writing class online. Not going into it with any major expectations or ideas. I just wanted to try something to spark creativity.
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  5. OotyPa


    Lots has happened since I begun setting up creative writing workshop events here in Philly. I partnered with a local micro-press and became their official workshop organizer, and then stepped in to become their fiction editor when their last guy left. I’m guaranteed a published piece in the next issue which is sick. I wanted to share the submission link here. Acceptance rate is VERY high so if you have a poem/prose piece (or even artwork) that fits the theme, please submit!

    Toho Journal Submission Manager

    I also want to plug their short story publication service! They are trying to expand their short story catalogue so if you submit the story and they like it, you can get it published online for free. They’ll do a cover for it, text layout, etc, but royalties split 50/50. I personally think its a great deal if you’ve written short stories and want to be published. I’m doing it myself with one I wrote a few years ago that ive been revising.

  6. Raku


    I like this...

    Might just give this a whirl sometime in the future and see what happens.
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  7. Raku


    As for my own stuff... I have three poetry books up on Amazon, and a fourth one being worked on. Besides that I'm planning on going around my town, taking some pictures and publishing that through Amazon as not only a tour guide thing, but also to see how well that will sell. Seeing as how my poetry books aren't selling. I've pushed them, even created my own author page, and still people don't buy them so I'm hoping this picture book does well.

    I'm still dragging my feet on this book series I thought of back in 2015... The first book was finished back in 2018, and the second book was started then stalled that same year. I need to get the other planned books finished eventually, and look for a publisher for this book series.

    One day, I would love to team up with an illustrator and make a story book. Would be fun to do that, but that's also currently a pipe dream.

    Outside of this I've been looking for ways to make money (still unemployed), and signed up on Fiverr as a poet with no bites (other than a scammer wanting to use my ID for Upwork)... Might see what Upwork might offer as a ghostwriter, or whatever freelance work they need.
  8. OotyPa


    If you dont mind editing work, check out the website Critique Connect and the Goodreads forums for beta-reading. You can advertise yourself as a freelance professional editor (that is if you have the experience) and setup a Paypal to charge fees by word count
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  9. Raku


    I've honestly never edited professionally for others before, but I might have to take a look at this and consider my options.
  10. elwayinthe4th


    I started writing for a music website lately and I've done a few reviews so far.

    Music In Minnesota
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  11. elwayinthe4th


    i might have asked this before but has/does anyone here do any freelance writing? I've been thinking about giving it a shot while i'm in college.
  12. Garrett L.

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    I tried. Hard market to break into.
  13. OotyPa


    Woke up this morning to an email that said two of my poems were accepted and are going to be published in a lit journal. Very happy about it.
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    hell yeah that's lit

    but seriously, congrats!
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  15. OotyPa


    Anyone thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Think I’m gonna go for it. I’ve stuck to revising old short stories recently but I want to start my next big project. I’ve been quietly brainstorming though they’re super rough ideas.

    Been tossing around the idea of writing about a family in different POVs, exploring their conceptions of spirituality, purpose, and higher power (maybe atheist mother, agnostic father, spiritually hungry child). I want the story to take place over a short period of time and each character gives their perspective of the events. That’s all I have so far, but I feel like it could turn into something. I also really dont want this one to be terribly dark- I’d like to go light for once lol.
  16. Garrett L.

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    I’m debating doing it. Potentially as fuel for a rewrite of one of mine.